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It is finally happening: Kids are back to school!

Now that things are slowly but surely getting back to ‘normal’, students are now eager to go back to school not only to learn and study effectively, but most importantly, to be able to mingle and socialize with fellow students and the beloved teachers.

Though the weather here in the Philippines is a bit unpredictable thus resulting to suspension of classes on the first week, this shouldn’t discourage our dear students or even adults who want to destress by playing online math games. For kids, playing math games excite young minds.

One of the websites that my niece and nephews visit to play math games is I personally prefer to see them play games that are not only fun but also educational.

Here are some of the games featured on the site that are specially made for kids:

Grocery Cashier

Grocery Cashier Game

When I was a kid, I remember spending the summer in a distant relative’s house who owned a bakery with a mini grocery. I volunteered to work as a cashier register assistant and thought it was an easy job. Guess what? It isn’t especially if there are a lot of customers!

Students who would like to get the feel of working as a Grocery Cashier may practice with this game. The players ring up customers, collect their payment and deliver change. The more you play, the more challenging it is!

Quick Math

Quick Math

Quick Math is a game that tests not just your math skills but your speed in solving a simple math problem. Equations will be flashed on the screen and the players have to choose which one has the correct answer in such a short span of time! You might get confused too so be careful, but don’t be too slow!

Feed Math

Feed Math

Just like Quick Math, the Feed Math game is also a test where the players need to be quick in solving the equations. The players have to help boy sushi by adding numbered dishes. The equations get harder as the time progresses and the fuller our boy sushi will be. You want to feed him and not starve him, right? He deserves the best so we gotta do our best!

Count Fingers

Count Fingers

How quick are you in counting fingers? In this game, the players are given 60 seconds to count the fingers shown on the screen. Once a player chooses an incorrect answer, the game automatically ends. If you think this is super duper busy, you better think again. Dare to try it out? Give it a go!

Even if we’re already adults, playing games originally designed for kids and students can be relaxing and it can also trigger your competitive side. Websites such as  is a place where users can enhance their mathematical speed and as I type this, I am already thinking of challenging my nephews and nieces this coming Halloween season. Instead of playing Trick or Treat, I will ask them to play the games I mentioned and whoever reaches the highest combined score will win a cash prize or gift certificate! Isn’t that a more daunting yet fun way to spend the Halloween celebration?

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