5 Things to Do in Boracay

BORACAY has got to be one of the top, if not the top, destinations for Filipinos and foreign travelers alike. And who would blame them? If I would imagine what paradise would be, then I’d definitely imagine it to be like Boracay.

Now that safe travelling is back, given the lax in restrictions and low cases of infection, people would desperately want to spend their vacation there. So here are my recommended 5 things to do in Boracay.

Cristine Reyes in Boracay last October 2018 (@cristinereyes)


White Beach is often than not the photos that will appear when you search for Boracay. This is a magnificent 4 kilometer beachfront that attracts people from all over the word. Since this is what they came for, you find that during peak season, the area is jam packed with tourists, and of course all commercial areas like restaurants, bars, shopping areas and hotels.

A little less stunning but still breath taking is the Puka Beach. It is known for the puka shells that you can find in the more coarser sand in its shores. Compared to White Beach, Puka Beach has a well-kept and less commercialized vibe. For those who would want extra adventure, then you can totally book for the various Island hopping tours in the area. You can choose to visit nearby islands such as the Magic Island, Crocodile Island and the Crystal Cove Island.

2. Motag Living Museum

The cherry on top for your Boracay experience is visiting the Motag Living Museum. Although you went to Boracay to relax and unwind, why don’t you add learning and culture appreciation in your agenda? The Motag Living Museum is an interactive cultural museum that showcases the lifestyle of the natives in the area. You can see their actual farming techniques, cooking methods and even their clothing style. Not only that, you can also enjoy the food that they eat (traditional snack) and be entertained by their cultural performance. To commemorate the visit, you can purchase some local handicrafts available within the vicinity.

3. Outdoor Adventures

If you would like to spice your vacation with something other than lounging on the majestic shores, then here is the one for you. Boracay also caters a lot of outdoor activities that you and your family could enjoy. You could enjoy being dragged by a speedboat and lifted into the clear blue sky when you decided to go parasailing. You can also visit Nemo, Dory and their friends through Helmet Diving. It would take your breath away to marvel at the underwater fauna that you can see in the crystal clear water of Boracay!

4. D’Mall and the Bamboo Market

Located in Station 2, D’Mall is the default shopping destination of visitors all over the place. Not only they can purchase fresh produce, food, alcohol and souvenirs, D’Mall also houses nightclubs, currency exchanges, restaurants with diverse food options and cuisine and even the governments Department of Tourism, for those who needed more information about Boracay. You can also check their famous bamboo market, an outdoor mall that sells trinkets, clothing and other goodies. You can easily haggle for prices for your purchases to fit within the budget!

5. Jonah’s Fruit Shake and D’Talipapa

Did you even go to Boracay if you haven’t had Jonah’s Fruit Shake? This icon has been quenching thirsts and cravings since the 90s. They are famous for their Boracay Mango shake that many people go back for again and again. If you are looking for the freshest meal, then look no further than the D’Talipapa. Here, you can have your food of choice cooked using the freshest ingredients you yourself picked!

Writing these makes me want to go book a flight and chill there for a week or so! Please live vicariously on my behalf and enjoy La Boracay!

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