Top 6 Gerald Anderson Movies You Should Watch

To celebrate Gerald Anderson’s birthday, we compiled our favorite romantic comedy films of him. These films are my personal favorite, so biases are expected! Here are my Top 6 Gerald Anderson Romcom movies you should all watch!


Always Be My Maybe

Always Be My Maybe is surely my favorite in this list. This is the first project that Gerald worked with the lovely Arci Munoz. Also, this was directed by one of my favorite Filipino director, Dan Villegas. This movie tells the story of two people sharing the same universal experience – heartbreak. Kristina “Tintin” Paraiso played by Arci Muñoz was ready to settle down when her boyfriend broke up with her in what would become a viral video shared many times in Facebook.

Jake del Mundo on the other hand (played by Gerald) is a serial playboy who was ready to settle down when his girlfriend rejected his marriage proposal. Can this two heartbroken people find solace and companionship when both of their hearts belong to other people? This highly relatable and realistic romantic comedy should be in your watch list!

Between Maybes

Between Maybes is said to be the movie where reel couple Julia Baretto and Gerald Anderson became real couple. This fantastic film was set in Japan, tells the story of a runaway actress, Hazel, played by Julia Barretto. She escaped her controlling parents who manipulates her to do projects she does not want.

Wanting to have a short breather, she booked the first flight available – in Japan, where she met fellow Filipino, Louie (played by Gerald). This unlikely meeting between two lost souls cultivated a relationship initially based on shared ethnic background. They found solace in each other in a place where they literally were the only ones who could understand each other. This movie was filmed in wonderful locations such as Saga Castle, the Yutoku Inari Shrine, and Yoshinogari Park.

Won’t Last A Day Without You

This movie is the classic enemies turned lovers romance. Here, Sarah Geronimo plays the role of DJ Heidee. She is highly popular among listeners for her giving sensible advice to her fans, particularly in the aspect of relationships. Among her callers was Melissa (played by Megan Young) who asked for her advice on how to break up with her boyfriend Andrew (played by Gerald Anderson). Unfortunately, Andrew was listening to her program and blames her for the demise of his relationship. In order to make up for her “fault”, DJ Heidee decided to help Andrew get back with Melissa. But will they really get back together? Or will two unlikely individuals find love from each other?

I’ve Fallen For You

Due to their shared names, two Alex Reyes was brought together by destiny. In I’ve Fallen For You, Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson plays the same name character but from different walks of life. Both struggling with the problems in their families, the two Alexes decided to team up and face the challenges that their life brings. Starting with a cycling competition, they realized that despite their shortcomings and irritation from each other, they do complement each other and would be better off together. Will this budding relationship end happy? Or will their past finally catch up to them?

My Perfect You

My Perfect You stars Ms Universe Pia Wurtzbach and Gerald Anderson in this romantic comedy film. Gerald plays the role of Burn who happened to be in a remote location, Happy Sunshine Camp, with owner Abi (played by Pia), Bubut (Wilma Doesnt), Handres (Janus Del Prado) and Lucky (Darwin Tolentino). He helped them rebuild the resort and had developed relationship with the staff.

This was proven to be wrong when he realized that he was suffering from schizophrenia, a disease he shared with his mother. Eventually, the doctors told him that his memory of Happy Sunshine Camp was all in his mind. After treatments, he began to accept his fate and reconcile with his reality. Until one day, in a coffee shop, he met a barista that unchangingly looks like Abi.

How To Be Yours

This film made the hearts of all Bea-Gerald fans happy. The two reel to real couple worked on How To Be Yours in 2016. The movie tells the story of Niño, a sales agent whose main aim in life is to achieve stability. Anj, who is played by the stunningly beautiful Bea Alonzo, is a self-taught chef whose main aim in life is to work in a fancy high end restaurant. In between pursuing their films and their love, which will they prioritize? Love or career?

So which one of these have you watched? Which one did not make the cut? Comment down below!

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