Things You Didn’t Know About SEVENTEEN (Part 2 of 2)

ARE YOU a big fan of the K-pop band SEVENTEEN? This talented group with thirteen members from South Korea, Japan, China and USA are winning the hearts of new fans with their new mini album ‘Semicolon‘ with ‘Home;Run‘ as their lead single.

You might be overwhelmed with the number of members, but the Carats (name of fandom name) just love these thirteen boys equally! The group is divided into three groups: Hiphop, Vocals and Performance.

In our previous article, we introduced the Hiphop Line of Seventeen. Now, it’s time to meet the Vocal and Performance line. Let’s groove on!



Woozi of Seventeen

Lee Ji Hoon who goes by the stage name Woozi is the group’s vocal unit leader and perhaps among the most talented. Even before he became a trainee, he already was immersed into classical music and he can even play the clarinet and other band instrument.

He became a trainee in 2011 and was supposed to be debuted as a member of Tempest. Likened with BTS’ Suga, Woozi also seemed to have similar talents as he is involved in composing and writing the lyrics for their songs, even producing them!


Jeonghan of Seventeen

Yoon Jeong Han is one of the members of the group that trained the shortest – for a little more than 2 years before the group’s debut. If there is something that Jeonghan wants or does whenever they are free from working or press tours, it is definitely sleeping. In fact he sleeps too much. His hobby includes sleeping (aside from some sports such as soccer and badminton) and eating.

Speaking of which, he loves mostly Korean food such as stews and chicken, although he also can’t say no to pasta. Just don’t give him candies and anything with milk as he is lactose intolerant.


Joshua of Seventeen

Joshua Hong was born in Los Angeles, California to Korean parents. Although his parents are based in the United States, his mom often goes to Korea to visit him. He is also among the members who trained the least in the group prior to their debut, he just trained for over two years. His musical influence are Tupac, Chris Brown and of course, Usher.

Among the members of the group, he is considered a gentleman for his calm and soft spoken nature. And the way he greets his members “good morning” every day is such a cute thing too! When he is not promoting, he usually bikes around the Han River or watch movies and animes.


DK of Seventeen

Lee Seok Min, just like Jeonghan, trained shortly –  almost three years. He was inspired to become a performer when he watched the iconic Yoon Dohyun perform on stage. He spent a lot of his free time in middle school singing at karaoke places with his friends. Already musically inclined at a young age, he was a part of a rock band with his middle school friends, a proof that he really did love rock back then.


Seungkwan of Seventeen

Boo Seung Kwan is from Jeju Island. Far from the beating heart of Korean pop, it never even occurred to him that he would become a singer. Until one day, he got casted through a video that his teacher recorded. And the rest was history. He was even offered a contract by JYP, but then he rejected the offer. On days when he is not working, he prefers to savor the stillness and quiet by walking alone, with his thoughts and surrounded by nature.

Performance unit


Hoshi of Seventeen

Kwon Soon Young goes by the stage name Hoshi which means star in Japanese. Hoshi is also the leader of the performance unit and choreographs almost all of the group’s dance routines. He became a trainee in 2011 and has Taemin (from SHINee) as his idol from local talents and looks up to Chris Brown, Beyonce and Usher.

Because of this, he had started training early, taking up dance and vocal lessons when he was in middle school. A polyglot, he can speak other languages well such as Chinese and Japanese. During off, he loves to eat anything Japanese – from sushi, ramen, okonomiyaki and of course, ramen.


The8 of Seventeen

Xu Ming Hao or Seo Myung Ho (his Korean name) was born in Anshan, China.  When he was a kid, he was really passionate in martial arts, specifically Wushu. Due to his passion in martial arts, he can use nunchucks efficiently.

Due to being exposed to numerous variety shows, at an early age he had decided to become a superstar. That is the reason he came to Korea, and finally became a trainee in 2013. He looks up to Henry from the group Super Junior M.


Jun of Seventeen

Wen Junhui or Moon Jun Hwi (his Korean name) was born in Shenzhen, China. He trained for less than three years before debuting as a member of Seventeen. Although his training was short, it was not unexpected as he practically grew up on spotlight.

In China, he was a child actor until he decided to change his career due to the resurgence of Kpop in China. It piqued his curiosity and moved to South Korea to train as an idol. He loves food in general, and has special preference for spicy and sour foods. When in training he loves snacking both Korean and Chinese snacks.


Dino of Seventeen

Dino, born Lee Chan to parents who are dancers. Thus, at an early age, he has been training as a dancer. His father was his first dance teacher. Since he was practically training since he was young, he only trained for three years before being debuted as part of Seventeen.

It was also through dancing that he got scouted – at a dance tournament. Since dance has been a part of his life, it is no shocker that he is a huge fan of the legendary Michael Jackson. For Korean idols, he adores EXO.

Whew! There you go! The thirteen unique, super talented members of the Korean group Seventeen. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to start listening to their latest album “Semicolon” and their lead single ‘Home;Run’ really rocks! 

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