REVIEW: Nadine Lustre’s Wildest Dreams Visual Album Music Videos

NADINE LUSTRE had recently released her much awaited visual album under Careless Music. Wildest Dreams” is her first full length record, an impressive feat since when you listen to her songs, it’s as if she has been a pro from the start.

A more impressive feat is that she herself was hands on in the creation of the album. Nadine admitted that she did numerous collaborations in terms of writing and composing the songs.

Here is an honest review of Nadine’s music videos from her album “Wildest Dreams”.

Nadine Lustre


The story and the visuals that go with it at the beginning of the video is topnotch. I feel that there is more emotions when Nadine herself does the voice over. I feel that the set of this music video is appropriate – a refreshing change from the other music video which was mainly shot from a studio. The team’s interpretation on all the elements – earth, wind, fire and water was also commendable as it is not easy building the set nor scouting the perfect location for these shoots! The details alone reflects great work and cinematography from Nadine’s team.

Wildest Dreams

I would have to admit, this video is perhaps my favorite. Not only that the visuals are a notch higher compared to the other videos, I think this is the song that showcased Nadine’s voice perfectly well. Although I appreciate her singing voice in other videos, this song highlights the depth of her voice as a recording artist. The video, wow! No words could aptly describe how impressed I was when I first saw it, it needed re-watching just to take in all the elements in a single video.


Although most of the video emits an ethereal sound, Glow stands out from the others, perhaps due to the beats at the beginning of the song. As opposed to the mostly other-worldly concepts that the other videos depict, this video presents a lot of elements – superficiality, black and white, glitter and flame among the others. The video perfectly captures the world that she moves in and the trappings that it provides regardless of how public your life may be. The duality of the video – freeing yet limiting is extraordinary.

Dance with Danger

The video itself if a bit longer compared to the average length of a music video as the song starts at 2:18 mark. But, the short story in the prologue could be the plot of an entire movie itself! Ang galing! Perhaps, this is my favorite among the other music videos – the quality is that of an international production! Nadine showed her flawless self in all the different clips. My favorite are the ones when she was on top of a moon and the ones where she was wearing the black butterfly-like gown. I thought I wouldn’t be further impressed by such grand production, but then my jaw dropped when she woke up and sat from a pond – the message and the metaphor were on point!

Grey Skies

The visuals are phenomenal, I especially adore the shots where she was walking on the water – magnifique! The message of the song itself is very positive – learning to dance in the rain, especially right now that we have been seeing seemingly endless bouts of bad news. The lyrics itself was positive. But the progression of the music video is also commendable, from dark-ish or noir vibes which were evident particularly on the first part of the music video. The animation was equally superb – and placed at the right time too! The catharsis was finally reached, both in the parting message of the video and the blooming flower that perhaps symbolizes rebirth, growth or resilience.

Massiah White Rabbit

I was immediately enamored by the upbeat start of the song, despite the creepy masks and visuals at the beginning. Also, I didn’t know Nadine could rap, usually the rap parts are at the middle, this arrangement is honestly refreshing to the ears. Nadine dancing in front of the mirrors and the magical geometric effects it gives is a wonderful treat to the senses. Although the music video offered a lot of elements – different themes for a SINGLE video, which could be overwhelming to others, you still could appreciate the effort that was placed in making the video.

Nadine Lustre

Well, if it is not yet obvious, I am very impressed by the amount of work they put in. Not only on the videos, which was a lot, but also on the lyrics of the song. The entire album is well-rounded and allowed Nadine to grow as an artist. Although the songs most probably depicts her personal story, the public is still distanced from a thin shroud of mystery. She gave it all, but not everything, saving something for herself. For a first full length album, this is such a great accomplishment!

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