Things You Didn’t Know About SEVENTEEN (Part 1 of 2)

SEVENTEEN or SVT is honestly a little bit overwhelming. You see thirteen good looking, super talented gentlemen dancing and singing synchronously to the beat of wonderful music. Yup, too much.

Represented by the Pledis Entertainment and hailing from South Korea (most of them), Seventeen is a small universe on their own. With a philosophy of self-producing idol group, each member actively participates in all aspects of the industry. These include choreographing, song writing, and everything in between.

The group is subdivided into three units – hip hop unit, vocal unit and performance unit. This is part one of the two-part special we dedicated for the members of Seventeen. Part 1 focuses on the profiles of the hip hop unit, and part 2 focuses on the performance and vocal units.


S. Coups of Seventeen
Short for Choi Seung Cheol, S. Coups is the leader of the group, and also the hip hop unit leader. Being a trainee for six long years, he was already in the lineup for the group “Tempest” even before the group was formed.  He already appeared in several videos such as “Superwoman” (After School/Orange Caramel Raina), “Wonder Boy” (After School Blue) and “Face” (NU’EST).
In the industry, he admires Uknow Yunho, G-Dragon and Zico the most. During downtime, he would just like to rest and go sleep given the chance. An introvert, he likes to keep thing on his own, and even just solve things quietly. These actions reflect his fragile and sensitive personality.



Wonwoo of Seventeen                                                                         
Born Jeon Wonwoo, he is the lead rapper of the group. Although he auditioned for Pledis just to experience it, his raw skills were obviously a gem in the rough. As a trainee for four years, he started as a singer but then eventually realized his skill in rapping.
Among the members, he is considered to be the cleanest, whether in hygiene or at home, we will never know! He appeared in two music videos so far, in “Venus” (Hello Venus) and “Face” (NU’EST). He looks up to artists like Lupe Fiasco and Tablo.


Mingyu of Seventeen

Kim Min Gyu is one of many things. He is the lead rapper, a sub vocalist and is considered to be the group’s visual. Training since he was in middle school (he trained for four years total), he was already an entertainer in the making. In high school, he used to play the bass. He also worked as a part-timer in a coffee shop before his debut.

In the group, he is considered the all-around as he can cook, can clean and can repair things that need repairing. When not working or performing, he loves to spend his time in meaningful ways. He particularly loves eating and eating with friends, cooking (as he is a great cook), and watching various films or simply just going out.


Vernon of Seventeen                                                    
Hansol Vernon Chwe is Vernon’s full name. Born in New York, United States of America, his father is Korean and his mother is American. He didn’t really know yet what he wanted to be or do for a living, until one day he was scouted on the subway. Since that day, he started to be a trainee in 2012. During their trainee days, he used to bring a lot of Twix bars in their practice room, earning him the nickname Twix.
For artists, he looks up to Drake, T.I, J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar and David Bowie. For actors, he mainly prefers Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio & Johnny Depp. But he won’t say no to a film that stars Lee Byung Han. As of recent, he confessed that his Korean is better now, better than his mother tongue – English. As for girls, other members of the group said he acts the cutes when around girls, particularly girl groups.

Watch out for part 2 for the other members’ profiles!

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