KPOP Album Review: FEAR LESS by LE SSERAFIM (1st Mini Album)

WE ALL have been raving about the new girl group Le Sserafim formed by Source Music and Hybe Corporation. From their debut, fans and other expectators are on watch to see the freshest and most promising girl group from Hybe.

They currently released their debut album Fearless last May 2, 2022 and is currently at the top charts in Japan and South Korea. Their debut album has five songs and is such a treat for all of you Kpop fans out there!

To spare you the anxiety from anticipation, I listened to the entire album and did not hold back on my thoughts and opinion. Here is my personal review of the Le SSerafim Fearless album.


The World Is My Oyster

After Hybe and Source Music released the trailer of The World Is My Oyster, I knew that I have to watch out for this girl group. If the company invested so much time on a production that is literally an art, story, masterpiece, then you know you better expect something big. I knew that they will not be the typical girl group of pink and fluffiness but with substance and style. And I’m proven right after I listened to The World Is My Oyster!  The music is so cool, you can jam with it in the club, or in a runway! Who would have thought that such progressive electronic music would be in a Kpop song? This could be used in a sci-fi OST as well! What a hype music!


I understand why Fearless is their debut single. I mean it has been on my mind since the first time I heard it, totally addicting! Although admittedly it is simple, it is also undeniably catchy! Watching the music video made my jaw dropped! They have all – the moves, visuals, beats, what else should I be looking for? I know this group is going places! Note, I’m already so impressed with Kazuha’s rap!

Blue Flame

I am honestly astounded as to why a perfectly great song such as Blue Flame was on the B-side. It only means that all their songs in this debut album is great! I have learnt that Yuniji wrote and composed this song! Wow, if that is a hundred percent true, then today moving forward I will be stanning this group! They are so talented for a rookie group! This song also managed to show their different voices in a way that compliments each other. Their uniqueness stands out but at the same time, they harmonize in a surprisingly good way!

The Great Mermaid

Honestly, The Great Mermaid could easily have been the lead track. It gives you the feeling of “Hey, these ladies started with a bang!”. Listening to the entire track, I say that the ladies were given enough lines that showcases their voices. I particularly like the lines of Kazuha and Eunchae’s deep voice! Musicality aside, I love the message of this song is! It is so unapologetically fierce and powerful, something that is rarely done in Korean pop. Garam’s lines of “I’m living my life, I will get all that I want” is now my new motto in life!

Sour Grapes

Sour Grapes is hands down my favorite in the entire album. I think it is a perfect choice to end this great debut for the ladies. I have a lot of opinion on this track. One, listening to it gives me that cute melody which makes me imagine a cute couple in a romantic comedy television series. Think the vibes of Min-Min and Bong-Bong (IYKYK). That type. Two, this song is so so catchy! You will never get tired of listening to this R&B masterpiece. Three, for a group who recently debuted, this gives me a lot of Red Velvet vibe! This makes me think that the ladies are off to a great start!

There you have it! What a refreshing and very welcome album they have! Seriously, you should listen to it and be amazed!

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