How to Install Weverse: What You Need to Know and Its Benefits

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Technology these days allows us to interact with our idols easily. That is exactly what Weverse is created for. It is a much needed app particularly for fans of the Kpop groups BTS, TXT, GFriend, Seventeen and I-Land. Thanks to Big Hit Entertainment who created the app for the fans.

The Weverse serves as a medium in which both the fans and artists can interact directly. When fans post some art or photos, artists could comment instantly and directly.

Weverse – for fans of BTS, TXT, GFriend, I-Land and Seventeen!

If you are a new fan to either of the groups mentioned above, your way to socializing with your idols and fellow fans is very easy. All you need is the Weverse app, which you can install for both iOS and Android users.  To install the app, follow these steps:

1.     Type for Weverse in the search bar.

2.     Click Enter.

3.     Select the correct App.

4.     Click the Install button on the right corner.

5.     Wait for the app to be fully downloaded.

6.     Once done, open the App and start to register.

7.     The app will require your permission on several matters. Once you’ve read the statement, Click I Agree. Let’s Get Started.

8.     You will be asked to select your language. Choose one option and click Next.

9.     It will bring you to the Weverse screen. But first, you need to Sign Up.

10.  You can choose to sign up using and email address or Twitter and Gmail also works as well. Fill in the details.

11.  After filling the forms, you have to verify your email.

12.  Congratulations! You can now log in to your Weverse account!

Now that you have the means to connect to your Kpop idols, let me run you through the top five benefits you can get from this platform. Let’s take the super popular Korean boy group  BTS for example.

1. Watch media for free

In the Media part of BTS’s Weverse, you can watch videos from RUN BTS, Learn Korean with BTS, BTS Behind, Map of the Soul and etc. You can even click one of the boys’ name and their last post will show up for you to see.


2.  Watch curated contents for the members

If you are among the fans who purchased their membership, you can have access to members only contents. This includes Bon Voyage, Bangtan Bomb and Jin’s eating show the Eat Jin.


3.  As a fan you can post whatever you want to write in the Feed

Think of Twitter or Facebook or Instagram feed. You can post photos or short messages. Fans would reply to you, and at some point, even the idols themselves. Although you also have the option to hide your post from the artist.


4.  As a fan you can go and see the artists’s post.

You can select who your bias is from the icon and see their latest posts. You can also check the moment feature where in the artist’s posts are uploaded and viewable only for 24 hours. Kinda like Instagram stories. BUT better, because you can download their post and keep it.


5.  You can check the Weverse Announcements and be on top of your game

In this part of the app, you can regularly check the announcement made by Big Hit Entertainment regarding the artist that you follow. Information is power especially when it comes to concerts and events!

BTS members Jungkook, Suga, Jin, V, Jimin, J-Hope and RM

There you have it. As fans from the Philippines, it is honestly such a wonderful thing that Big Hit Entertainment continues to provide us with means to communicate with our idols and show solidarity with our fellow fans. This way, we are building a giant and strong community online for free and in an efficient way!

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