Top 7 Angel Locsin Movies to Watch

ANGEL LOCSIN is one of the most admired and loved celebrities in the Philippines. For most of us, she is a big part of our childhood or teen years as we watch her play the role of Alwina in Mulawin and Darna/Narda in Darna while she was still with GMA.

When she moved to ABS-CBN, we saw her in more dramatic TV roles, but we also saw her more in the big screen.

Our real-life Darna is now celebrating her 37th birthday. One way of celebrating it is by watching some of her best films. Here’s our Top 7 Angel Locsin Movies!

Angel Locsin in ‘In The Name of Love’ | Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin in ‘Let The Love Begin’

Let The Love Begin

I admit, I am one of those fans who shouted out of glee in the cinemas while watching Let The Love Begin. The original tandem of Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez just gets me. IN this film they played two lovers from two different social classes, Pia (played by Angel) has wealth but lacks love while Eric (played by Richard) has love but lacks wealth. During their difficult times, they became each other’s homes and solace. Will their love push through regardless of their circumstances?

Everything About Her

Everything About Her is the comedy-drama film that will pull your heartstrings. This film tells the story of Vivian (played by Vilma Santos) as she battles stage 3 cancer. She hires the efficient and warm nurse Jaica (played by Angel Locsin) as she goes on with her treatment. Although they share an employer and employee relationship, Jaica unconsciously bridges the relationship of Vivian with her estranged song Albert (played by Xian Lim). Will they be able to go past their grudges?

The Third Party

The Third Party talks about romantic and platonic loves in one epic movie. Don’t let the title fool you since you really have to watch this film to see why. This is the story of Andi (played by Angel) who is an aspiring fashion designer. She broke up with her ex Max, a cosmetic surgeon played by Sam Milby. Why Andi and Max works out their relationship after a break up, here comes Christian, a pediatrician and the new love interest of Max. Since three is a crowd, add a baby and let the party begin?

Unofficially Yours

Here is the love tandem you never knew you needed but welcomed anyway. Angel played the epitome of a modern woman, Ces who had a one night stand with Macky (played by John Lloyd). Although they shared a passionate night, this one night stand has to come at an end, leaving Macky searching for that girl. The two cross paths again when they had to work together in a  publication. Will they become official?

In the Name of Love

This movie tells the story of a love that knows no bounds and fears nothing. Angel here plays the story of Cedes, the soon to be fiancée of Dylan (played by Jake Cuenca) from a powerful political family. Cedes is indebted to Dylan’s family and obliges due to gratitude. However, her heart was woken by the enigmatic dance instructor Emman, who has been hired by Dylan’s family to teach at the ball where Dylan is supposed to announce their engagement. Will their love be powerful enough to get through all the troubles in life?

One More Try

One More Try is a film about a mother’s boundless love towards her son. Here Grace (played by Angel) is happily in a relationship with Tristan (played by Zanjoe Marudo), whom she is raising her son Botchok together. Due to a rare disease, she has no choice but to reconnect with Botchok’s father Edward (played by Dingdong Dantes) who is happily married to Jacqueline (played by Angelica Panganiban) who has trouble conceiving. Will this strain their relationship? Or will the contact make it stronger?

Four Sisters and A Wedding

Four Sisters and A Wedding has an extensive cult following in the movie industry. I am not surprised since this film was led by the four talented actors of their time – Angel Locsin, Toni Gonzaga, Bea Alonzo and Shaina Magdayao. This movie tells the sisterhood of 4 sisters with unique personalities as they try and failed to stop their only brother’s wedding.

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