Top 6 Zanjoe Marudo Romantic Films

ZANJOE MARUDO has been that hunk that has always been there. For me, he is that boy next door that you can lean on when you need your car oil changed or that guy whom you want to walk down the aisle to. How perfect can he get?

Since he has been in the showbusiness for so long, it is not surprising that he is one of the most reliable actors now. Although he lands antagonist roles on television (most of the time), he shows his versatility and gives justice to his roles on films as a leading man.

Here are my personal top romantic films of Zanjoe Marudo that you should watch!

To Love Some Buddy

The first time I watched the trailer for the film To love Some Buddy, I immediately bookmarked it into my to watch movies. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch the Maja Salvador- Zanjoe Marudo tandem? The trailer itself was funny, warm and oh so relatable to many of us who wished to be loved by that one special friend. So take this film as a manual – how do you navigate relationships from friendship to love? Will this friends turned into lovers easier that others? In this light and funny and great film, you will know how!


366 is another relatable film in this list. It tells the story of June (played by Bela padilla) who has about 365 days to move on from her ex-boyfriend, played by JC Santos. Due to the loss of her love, her neighbor Marco (played by Zanjoe) volunteers to help her move on as the proxy boyfriend. In this very relatable movie about love, life and moving on, can one love replace another? This interesting film is also directed and written by Bela Padilla. What a talented person!


Malaya is a very relevant film that covers most of the social issues experienced by Filipinos with an OFW family. This story tells the life of Malaya (played by Lovi Poe) and Iago (played by Zanjoe) who found the right love at the wrong time. It highlights the pain and challenges parents feel when they leave their family back in the Philippines to work as an OFW, in this film, in Italy. Bring your tissues out since this would surely pull some of your heartstrings!

The Third Party

The Third Party talks about romantic and platonic loves in one epic movie. Don’t let the title fool you since you really have to watch this film to see why. This is the story of Andi (played by Angel Locsin) who is an aspiring fashion designer. She broke up with her ex Max, a cosmetic surgeon played by the stunning and talented Sam Milby. While Andi and Max works out their relationship after a break up, here comes Christian (played by the equally stunning Zanjoe Marudo), a pediatrician and the new love interest of Max. Since three is a crowd, add a baby and let the party begin?

You Got Me

You Got Me is a great Sam-Toni-Zanjoe project that you didn’t know you needed. The film shows a tough version of Toni as she plays a high performer police officer (Moe) who goes after criminals. In one of her raids, she caught a counterfeit DVD vendor played by Zanjoe Marudo. It was not only Caloy (Zanjoe’s character) that she caught, she also caught Caloy’s heart in the process.To be able to win her heart, Caoly enlists the help of Kevin (played by Sam), the boy next door coworker and friend of Moe. Will Kevin act as a bridge to the girl he secretly harbors feelings with? Or will he fight for his feelings and cross the line from friendship to lovers? Honeslty I remember watching this film in the cinemas and the kilig is just so real! A must watch in this list!

Fall Back

When I first watched this film, I thought to myself, how can one film hold so much beauty in this? This narrates the story of Michelle, played by Rhian Ramos, a woman who decided to not be hurt by love. With this fear, she has a lot of plan Bs, second options but never the one. IN a tandem between Daniel Matsunaga who plays her current boyfriend, and Zanjoe Marudo, who plays her ex, who would eventually become the one?

Which among these great films is your go to when you need to feel warm and fuzzy? For me it would always be To Love Some Buddy! Hope you like my list, tell me what did I miss?

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