Top 5 Hollywood Films to Watch During the Holy Week Break

HOLY WEEK is the time we usually reflect on our lives, on our faith, or on our spirituality. Most of us use this time to ponder, relax or spend with our families in the provinces.

But due to the extraordinary circumstances that we are in, it is possible that most of us are spending this week alone in our homes. Although traveling is very restrictive, and we can’t possibly be reunited with our loved ones from far away, we can always use this time to bond with them by watching several movies together using Zoom or Google meets.  

I have compiled 5 Hollywood films that you can watch during the Holy Week break. this films range from heavy to light. I have also included some films that could be enjoyed by families with children.

1. The Gospel of John

The gospel of John was premiered in 2003 and was based on the Gospel of John –  adaptation of the American Bible society’s Good News Bible. The film is actually a narration of the complete text of the gospel of John with impressive backgrounds and visual representations of all the events that happened in the gospel.

The film is long spanning two almost three hours. Although some scenes are depicted in quite are restrained manner, it makes it a comfortable viewing two even children but of course with parental supervision. the film was shot in various countries such as United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.  

2. The Greatest Story Ever Told

The greatest story ever told is perhaps the most comprehensive film that depicts Jesus Christ’s life. the film starts with the birth of Jesus in a manger and ends in His miraculous resurrection from the dead.

The film was directed and produced by George Stevens with a whopping budget of $20 million which was huge in 1965. Although it only grossed 15 point $5 million in box office, it remains to be the only Hollywood made film that presented Jesus’s life in a serious and sober way.

3. The Passion Of The Christ

Passion of the prize is perhaps one of the most iconic Biblical films that was ever made. it was produced Co written and directed by Mel Gibson and stars Jim Caviezel as Jesus of Nazareth. Release in 2004 with only a budget of $30 million it earned a box office record of $612 million.

The film portrays the last 12 hours of Jesus Christ’s life. It shows Jesus in Gethsemane the betrayal of Judas Iscariot and the crucifixion in death of Jesus Christ. The film was mainly shot in Italy and was entirely in aramaic Latin and Hebrew although it has English subtitles. Until now, it remains to be the highest grossing question film that was ever made.

4. The Prince of Egypt

Premiered in 1998, this animated musical drama produced by DreamWorks animation and released by DreamWorks pictures is an icon when it comes to Holy Week movie list. Not only that it is suitable for adult, it is also a simplified version of the book which could be appreciated by children of all ages.

The Prince of Egypt is based on the book of Exodus. In this animated retelling of the book, Val Kilmer plays the Egyptian Prince Moses who discovers his true roots as a Jewish slave. Upon discovering his roots he started the quest to free his people from bondage and slavery. Ralph Fiennes who plays Rameses, his brother and the new pharaoh, denied his plea for freedom. A series of plagues strikes the country of Egypt and their adventure and quest for freedom begins.

5.  Noah

Noah is an American film based on the Book of Genesis, highlighting the story of Noah’s Ark. The film was released in 2014 and stars Russell Crowe as Noah and other actors like Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, and Anthony Hopkins.

The story revolves around no well-played by Russell Crowe , who was task by God 2 accomplish agreed task. Noah is asked to build a large arc that will hold his family which includes his wife played by Jennifer Connelly, adopted daughter played by Emma Watson, and three sons with their wives. The Ark should also hold every form of animal of the male and female gender to continue each species. After completing the arc Noah and his family witness God’s wrath that came in the form of massive floods.

These are my recommended movies so far but of course you are free to add your choice of movies. Among this list which is your favorite? 

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