Top 10 Filipino Christmas Songs

ALTHOUGH we have been used to listening to iconic Christmas songs during the holidays, we should also recognized that there are a lot of good Filipino Christmas songs out there as well.

For our kababayans who are living abroad, it is particularly nostalgic to hear these songs, especially now that most of our relatives and friends abroad couldn’t fly in to spend their holidays.

With those two in mind, I have compiled, what I think, is the top ten Filipino Christmas songs of all time. Feel free to read, and comment down below which is the song you like the best!

Sexbomb Girls Wish Ko Sa Pasko Christmas Album

Kumukutikutitap – A Classic by Ryan Cayabyab

Would you believe, that this song written by the Ryan Cayabyab was originally meant for the musical “Bituin”, written by Jose Javier Reyes. It was supposed to be a contest piece, but was performed in a choir. After the performance, everyone who heard the song asked of a copy of the choral score, hence a legend is born.

Christmas in Our Hearts by Jose Mari Chan and Liza Chan

You know it’s Christmas when this song is being played in the malls, radios and television. Due to its iconic part in the Philippine culture, memes of this song, and the writer-singer Jose Mari Chan floods social media once September 1 hits the calendar. The legendary status that this song holds gave Chan the title “The Father of Philippine Christmas Music”.

Miss Kita Kung Christmas by Susan Fuentes

This iconic song was sung by an iconic singer. Did you know that Susan Fuentes, who hails from Visayas, is considered to be the “Queen of Visayan Songs”?. Although she popularized numerous songs in Cebuano, Boholano and Ilongo, she is also known to be the singer of this timeless classic, “Miss Kita Kung Christmas”.

Sana Ngayong Pasko by Ariel Rivera

Ariel Rivera had done many albums, yes that’s true. But when he was first approached to record the album “Paskong Walang Katulad” in 1993, he grabbed the chance as he said a Christmas album would be the album that has an enduring mark”. Several decades later, one of his single, “Sana Ngayong Pasko” still endures trends, fads and tastes, surpassing two decades worth of airtime particularly during the holidays.

Pasko na Naman by Levi Celerio

When Levi Celerio fell from a tree and broke his wrist, his career as a violinist came to an end. But with that door closing, another door opened. He became one of the most prolific songwriter perhaps in the century. With over 4000 songs to his credit, iconic Christmas meddles such as “Pasko Na Naman” and “Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit” are just two of the many.

Pasko Na Sinta Ko by Gary V

One of the classic, yet heart wrenching Filipino Christmas song of all time is “Pasko Na Sinta Ko”, first interpreted by the Pure Energy himself, Gary Valenciano. The song was composed by Francisco Dandan and written by UP Professor Aurelio Estanislao. It was about the story of a guy’s first love who passed away.

Krismas Bonus by AEGIS

This super catchy song by the talented powerhouse band Aegis, had reached another peak of popularity. Released in 2000 with the album Paskung Pasko, Krismas Bonus is getting more popular these days.  When you see videos of employees dancing in front of ATMs to this song, then you would definitely had a good laugh.

Wish Ko sa Pasko by Sexbomb Girls

If I were to describe this song with a word, it would be catchy, in a good way. If you had listened to this song a good 5 to 6 times, you would definitely sing along with the lyrics. Aside from the good beat and the good lyrics, this song was interpreted by really talented individuals – The SexBomb Girls. It was released in their album “Wish Ko Sa Pasko” in 2002 and had been nominated by the Awit Award for Best Christmas Recording.

Sa Araw ng Pasko by ABS-CBN All-Star Cast

Sa Araw ng Pasko is that Christmas song that makes you feel extra warm and fuzzy inside. Apart from being a perfect song of choice for the holiday karaoke, the message of the song is equally heartwarming. This was released by ABS-CBN Music All Star under the ABS-CBN Christmas album.

Pasko Anong Saya by Vernie Gonzales

I have to admit that this song, Paskong Anong Saya, is perhaps one of the first Filipino songs I learned when I was a child. The lines “Merry Christmas, Merry ChristmasPasko anong sayaHappy New Year, Happy New YearBagong taong sigla” still gives me warm memories of my childhood every time I hear it.

There you have it, the ten iconic Filipino Christmas songs of all time! Which ones are your favorite? Would you add something different? Leave your comments below!

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