Things You Didn’t Know About ASTRO

About five years ago, this new South Korean boy band made up of six members made their debut with the song Hide and Seek. The music video itself is so charming with bright colors, synchronized dancing, and the overall feel of a warm and fuzzy vibe.

Year after year, they had continuously produce great quality music and had entertained people of all genders and all ages internationally and locally. ASTRO has cemented itself in the South Korean music industry as one of the most awarded and respected boy group.

Having had recently released their second full length album All Yours this month, their title track for that album which is called One had already won quite a few awards. let us know more about the talented members of this amazing group. Read on to know some of the things you do not know about ASTRO!




MJ was born as Kim Myung Jun on March 5, 1994 in Suwon, South Korea. Although MJ was originally a contestant at an audition held by JYP entertainment in 2012, fate had different plans for him.

He participated in Fantagio’s rookie development program which is called iTeen, the original name of the group. Apart from his works with the group, MJ had also sang his first OST for the Korean drama My Only Love. The song is called You’re My Everything. Looks forward to the singer and actor Lee Seung Gi and is friends with Xiheon from MYTEEN. He said that he if he weren’t a singer, he would be an architect.



JinJin was born Park Jin Woo on March 15, 1996 in Ilsan, South Korea. Graduated from the Hanlim Multi Arts High School before attending the NY Dance Academy in ilsan. GOT7’s Yugyeom and Jinjinn are friends not only because of their personality, but also they were in the same street dance team before debuting.

Apart from being one of the best English speakers in the group, JinJin can also speak basic Chinese. Although he has a really good voice, Jinjin is also the group’s main rapper and the main dancer as well. He was featured in fellow artist, Eric Nam’s song Can’t Help Myself.



Eunwoo was born as Lee Dong Min on March 30, 1997 in Sabon District, South Korea. He Jinjin in are alumni from the same high school but Eunwoo graduated in 2016. He got accepted at the prestigious Sungkyunkwan University (acting major) in 2015. Eunwoo looks up to the singer Seo Kang Jun and the members of EXO. His other activities include being a regular cast for the show Master In The House.

Eunwoo also participated in different shows such as Law of the Jungle in  New Caledonia, To Be Continued, By Romantic Some Recipe and Revenge Note. He was also in popular Korean dramas such as The Best Hit, My Idea Is Gangnam Beauty, Rookie Story and True Beauty.



Moon Bin was born on January 26, 1998 in Cheongju, South Korea. He has a younger sister who is also in the entertainment industry (Mystic Story Girls). He began his entertainment career as a child model and an actor. Moon Bin went to the same highschool as Jinjin and Eunwoo.

He has acted in the popular Korean drama Boys Over Flowers, Perseverance Goo Haera and Moments of 18. Bin also acted in the web dramas To Be Continued, and Mermaid Prince. He is friends with other idols Chanwoo (from iKON), Chani (from SF9) and SinB (from GFriend). He considers Taeyang (from BigBang) as his role model.



Rocky was born as Park Min Hyuk on February 25, 1999 in Jinju, South Korea. He has been dubbed as the group’s Dancing Machine. In fact, if he was not an idol, he would love to become a dance teacher.

Rocky was the one who created the choreography for the group’s music video for Fireworks and Wake Up Call. He considers the legendary G-Dragon (from BigBang) as his role model. If not working, he prefers to spend his time camping and writing lyrics for their albums.



Sanha was born as Yoon San Ha on March 21, 2000 in Seoul, South Korea. He is the youngest in their family, having two older brothers. He is also the youngest in their group. In an interview, he said that he would be a guitarist if he was not part of a boy group.

Among his peers in the industry, he is friends with Eric and Sunwoo (from The Boyz), Daehwi (from AB6IX) and Bomin (from Golden Child). He also appeared in the dramas To Be Continued and Love Formula 11M.

What can you say about the men and their music? Aren’t they all interesting? I think that they are continuously growing into matured adults and it reflects highly on the depth and quality of their music and performances. Such a pleasure to watch!

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