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The Philippine’s national sweetheart, Anne Curtis-Smith Heussaff has been away from the showbusiness glitz and glamour for about six months. She gave birth to their first child, Dahlia Amelie Curtis-Smith Heussaff in Melbourne, Australia last March 2, 2020. Husband Erwann Heussaff was reported to be with her the entire time.

Since it has been half a year since her leave, fans and daily viewers of her programs have been missing her terribly. It is only through her regular Instagram posts that we are given a glimpse of their life in Australia.

Anne Curtis

While she is away in Australia, let’s look at some of the things you may not know about Anne Curtis-Smith Heussaff.

1.  The doors of Showbusiness was opened to her at an early age of 12. She was spotted by a talent scout during a vacation here in the Philippines.

2.  Her father, James Ernest Curtis-Smith was initially against her wishes to try showbusiness, thinking it was a scam. It was her mother who supported her in her audtions to different talent agencies.

3.  She had to take Tagalog classes since she neither speak nor understand Tagalog when she first started.

4.   Her first acting role was when she played the character of Princess Dahlia in the iconic Filipino film Magic Kingdom 2.

5.  Her breakthrough was when she landed the lead role of Fatima “Imang” Durano/ Bernadette in the primetime series Kampanerang Kuba.

6.  Her frrst acting award was from her project “Baler” with Jericho Rosales. She won the 2008 Metro Manila Film Festival Award for Best Actress.

7.   Another iconic role of Anne was the primetime series Dyosa wherein she played “Josephine”, the Chosen One, from a long lineage of gods and goddesses. Because of this role, she was also called “Dyosa”.

8.  Although she has accomplished a lot, she dreams of starring in a psychological trailer in the likes of Gone Girl or Girl, Interrupted.

9.  Although a known non-singer, she still managed to launch her debut album, funnily called “Annebisyosa” under Viva Records. This album reached platinum sales!

9. She performed in the much coveted Smart Araneta Coliseum for her first solo concert in 2012. The success of this concert paved the way for several provincial concerts and even international ones in Hong Kong and California.

Anne Curtis

10.  Not only a successful entertainer, Anne had also launched her make up line in the country – BLK Cosmetics. BLK represents her favorite color, black, which signifies classic, timeless and simple beauty.

11. Apart from her cosmetics business, she also partnered with co-host, longtime friend Karylle Padilla and opened up a karaoke business – Rockstar KTV.

12. Among her passion project is the Dream Machine, a platform for dreamers to send their dreams and reach out to those who can help make it a reality. This was made possible through a 7 million peso donation to the UNICEF.

13. She also has been an active part of UNICEF since 2009 and had become the official celebrity advocate in 2015.

14.  She is a published book author. In collaboration with the UNICEF Philippines, she wrote a children’s book titled “Anita, The Duckling Diva”

15. She regularly participates in her husband’s, Erwann Heussaff’s Youtube channel.

Anne Curtis

16. A certified Korean drama fan, Anne says Gong Yoo is her ultimate oppa. She even visited some of the filming locations of the series “Guardina: The Lonely and Great God” in South Korea and Canada.

17. She managed to meet her idol, Gong Yoo, in person at the launch of Louis Vuitton flagship store in South Korea in 2019. She also met other Kpop celebrities like EXO member Sehun.

Looking back at the things she have accomplished, as fans we are extremely happy that she is enjoying this wonderful stage in her life – motherhood. From the little girl in Magic Kingdom, Kpop drama fan girl, and now a mother, we feel that we are somewhat a part of Anne’s journey. To the new parents, congratulations again and we do hope you get to sleep properly!

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