Things You Didn’t Know About Adrianna So

FOR THE LONGEST time, she has been seen playing various roles in television series and films. You’d see her as the pretty face playing the so and so of this famous actor in the industry, always as a supporting actor.

Since her first television appearance in 2012, Adrianna So could finally say that she had arrived. Slowly conquering mainstream media, and patiently soAdriana and her relentless pursuit to hone her craft had finally bore fruit.

Despite the pandemic of 2020, her career in the world of showbusiness shows no signs of stopping. In fact, this 2020 alone, she had done three series! Could you get more productive than that? Let us get to know more about the blooming, quirky and your new and reigning Kween of GLAdriana So!


Malak So Shdifat or goes with the stage name Adrianna So was born on May 7, 1992 in Zarqa, Jordan. She spent her toddler years there and eventually moved to the Philippines when she was five years old.

Her secondary education was spent in Hijas De Jesus. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications with a major in Advertising at the La Consolacion College in Metro Manila.


Malak So Shdifat (now Adrianna So) of Artista Academy

She had her first television series in 2012, with the reality show Artista Academy which was aired in TV5. Although she did not win the grand title, she was part of the final six. Her experience and exposure in the series led her to appear in several dramas that was aired on TV5.

Malak So Shdifat (Adrianna So) in Misibis Bay

Her first main role was with the show “Enchanted Garden: Paraiso sa Eden” where she played the role of Lucy. The flowing year, in 2013, she appeared in two series “Misibis Bay” and “Never Say Goodbye”. For the next few years, she took on main roles and supporting roles in series such as “Madam Chairman”, “The Baker King”, “Tasya Fantasya”, “Forever Sucks”, and “Amo”.  


Adrianna So

It was a good career move for her to sign with The IdeaFirst Company, a creative content company. At the helm of the company is the internationally awarded filmmakers Jun Robles Lana and Perci Intalan. This career move and changing her stage name to Adrianna So turned out to be ideal.

As of now, she did three projects with The IdeaFirst Company which are “Distance”, “Die Beautiful”, and “Ang Babaeng Allergic sa Wifi”.


Adrianna So

Looks like everything is falling to place with Adriana’s career. First, being in the “I Am U” series which aired at IWant TFC. Her co-stars included Julia Barretto, Tony Labrusca, and Ina Raymundo.

Next, she was casted in the Filipino Boy’s Love (BL) web series “Gameboys” which stars Kokoy De Santos and Elijah Canlas. She plays the role of the cute and witty Pearl Gatdula.

Finally, her supporting role as Pearl Gatdula in “Gameboys” was finally given the chance to shine in her own web series called “Pearl Next Door”, which could be viewed in YouTube.

Adrianna So

For this role, she has been tagged as the Kween of GL or Girl Love Series, and aptly so!

Is it not aspiring to be like Adriana? What I mean is that she does not limit herself to playing roles that are perfect for her physical attributes. Although she looks like a princess, a damsel in distress needed to be saved, the roles she take in are that which pushes her boundaries as an actress and at the same time, prevents her career from being painted in a certain predictable way. For the reigning Kween of GL, continue giving voice to those who need it!

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