P-POP BOY BAND: Things You Didn’t Know About BGYO

BGYO means Be the change, Go further, You and I, Originally Filipino. This five member boy group hails from the Philippines. They came together through the Star Hunt Academy by the ABS CBN. From over 250 idol hopefuls between the ages of 16 to 19, the candidates came from all parts of the Philippines.

Just like the Kpop idols we have always adores, the BGYO members had to undergo rigorous training for a couple of years – from 2018 to 2020. They had voice coaches, dance coaches and even trained by South Korean coaches to give them the caliber that the global stage demands.

Although they were previously known as the SHA boys (Star Hunt Academy), they rebranded themselves and relaunched their image as the BGYO. They debuted their single “The Light” last January 29, 2021. Let us get to know more about the members in this article.



Gelo of BGYO

Born Angelo Troy Rivera on April 18, 2001 in Pasay City Philippines, he adopts the stage name Gelo. He already had a passion in dancing even before he debuted as a P-pop idol. In fact, dancing is his favorite part of their training and he was once part of a dance crew called A-Team before his debut with the group. Apart from dancing, he is into theatre, listening to various genres of music and of course, eating!


Akira of BGYO

Akira was worn as Akira Morishita on April 27, 2001 and is half Japanese. He grew up with three sisters and another brother. Even before his debut as an idol, he has been appearing in the television for quite some time. You have seen him in various commercials as well in indie films. His famous films include Sundalong Kanin (2014), Alienasyon (2014), All of Me (2015) and ‘Tol (2019). Although he has the looks and the acting skills, he loves singing the most.



JL was born John Lloyd Toreliza on September 17, 2001 and hails from Naic, Cavite. He grew up with a younger sister. Perhaps, stardom is really his destiny, as JL auditioned in a singing competition called “The Clash” in 2018 but didn’t make it. Although he lost that competition, he sure is winning a lot of hearts and fans with his singing voice. In his spare time, he loves to sing (still!) and be active. His preferred sports are volleyball, basketball and table tennis.


Mikki of BGYO

Mikki was born Michael Claver Jr on February 14, 2002. He studied in a Chinese school for over a decade, being part Chinese himself (his Chinese name is Shi Ying Xian). Among the subjects they learned in the academy, his favorite is simply dancing. In his spare time, he loves collecting black oversized shirts, reading numerous mangas and of course, binge watching on animes! Among all the members, it was Mikki who was last introduced as a member.


Nate of BGYO

Nate was born Nathaniel Porcalla on June 26, 2003 and hails from Chicago, Illinois. From an early age, he wanted to become an entertainer, specifically a dancer. His journey to become a dancer started at a very young age – six years old. Hence, it is not surprising that his favorite subject when they were training is dancing. He joined various dancing competitions such as “Dance Kids” in 2015 and “World of Dance” in 2019.

Have you seen their music video for the song “The Light” yet? I was thoroughly impressed by the video quality and the song itself! So catchy, and upbeat too! For all the endeavours of the country’s newest boy band, good luck and we are here to support all of you!

It is really nice to see that there’s a sudden urge of P-Pop groups popping out in the local music scene. You can also check out BINI.

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