KPop Album Review: The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm by Red Velvet

Red Velvet fans are indeed rejoicing with the release of their fifth special extended play – The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm. This album was released last March 21, 2022 and contains six tracks.

The lead single of the album is “Feel My Rhythm”, a dance pop single that includes the sample of JS Bach’s Air on the G String.

Here is my honest review of the entire album! Please do read on and enjoy!


Feel My Rhythm

This song was perfectly chosen to the single of this marvelous album. It perfectly sets the mood of the album and I am totally here for it! You can here the subtle sounds of the iconic Air on the G String and they made it even better. There I said it. Their music video is nothing short of a masterpiece. Literally! The art, production, costumes, lighting, choreography and props are just out of this world. Watching it makes me think that they are a newbie group debuting for the first time, with the amount of work and production design there is, you would have thought that they want to enter the industry with a bang. But no, this is just how they operate. Grand and fabulous!

Rainbow Halo

The Rainbow Halo is just addictive. The beats are mesmerizing yet relaxing at the same time. For this song, I have to say that I admire Yeri, she had perfectly delivered her lines here with smooth and elegant rendition. As for  Wendy, I just cannot imagine that such level of rap and versatility is behind a wonderful and angelic face. Overall, I think that the instrumentals are magical – the saxophone is such a delight to my ears, the chorus is banging and the synths are quite interesting!

Beg for Me

Red Velvet makes wonderful songs. But guess what? They dedicate the same amount of time and effort to make everything a masterpiece- even the B-Sides! Sometimes I think this song is too iconic to be a B-side but who is complaining? I particularly love the ahhs and oohs that makes the chorus even more wonderful. And speaking of the chorus, it is such a wonderful treat that they all sang in that part! So hurray for fans!


Bamboleo just gives me the summer in the beach with a cold drink in my hand type of vibe. Play it in the morning and it will surely set the mood for your day! In one word, this song is angelic! The vocals give me a spiritual experience while listening to this impressive number! Also, I can say that this is among the catchiest single in this fantastic album!

Good, Bad, Ugly

This song gives me a sensual vibe! The irony is this is a song about self-love and being confident about yourself. The line “I love me” could not convince you more! As a self anthem, I approve of this content which promotes positive outlook in life and flexibility. I also find that they Wendy’s part to be the dominating voice in this song. All the girls are talented but Wendy was just a top notch better in this single!

In My Dreams

This is hands down my favorite single in this album! I just think the bass complements the angelic voices of the ladies. Also, the synchronization of their voices is just prominent in this single. I love how harmonious their voices are yet at the same time unique in their individual lines. For me, it was Yeri’s voice that stood out in this single!

After listening to this album, I feel light hearted and relaxed! The theme is just ethereal and I am totally here for it! Please do listen to our girls entire album in their official Youtube accounts and Spotify! I know you would totally enjoy it!

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