KPOP Album Review: Flavors of Love (Japanese album) by Monsta X

Monsta X released their third Japanese studio album called Flavors of Love last May 5, 2021. The album contains 11 tracks in total, 5 are new Japanese tracks, and the other 6 are previously released tracks in Korean.

Japanese fans had welcomed this released warmly as only on its first week, the album already had reached the weekly charts in Billboard Japan and Tower Records Japan. Talk about over achievers!

You can listen to their singles in Spotify and watch their official music videos in their official Youtube accounts. As for me, here is my personal review of all the singles in the Flavors of Love album! Enjoy!

Monsta X – Flavors of Love


Wanted is the perfectly song to be the album’s first, in my opinion. It allows listener to be hyped up and sets the mood for the entire album. And the lyrics -“I’ll pick you at the end of your dreams” is just knee-weakening!

Follow (Japanese Version)

Follow is the best song that captures a love without inhibition – the lines “an illogical feeling but I will trust” and “I can’t dream in a world without you” are just perfect examples of love unbounded. As for the musicality, the song gave us the powerful non cheesy rendition of falling in love from a guy’s perspective!

Fantasia (Japanese Version)

Listening to Fantasia just did it for me – yes, there is no doubt that this album made it to the top of the charts in less than a week. The beat, balance, and rap is well-balanced at its best.

On top of those things, I think Jooheon’s rap in English and Japanese is just too much for my heart to take!

Re:Verse Day

This song is my first official earworm in this album. Not only it has such inspiring lyrics such as “don’t be afraid of the future you haven’t seen yet” and “let the light through” that just picks you up when you are anxious and down, I just love the fighter vibe of the song, if you know what I mean. Also, I.M’s rap break, broke my heart into million pieces, how could this man be so talented?

Diamond Heart

Thankfully, a song that also values self-love and giving importance to yourself. This song could be anybody’s personal anthem!


This song is just groovy and funky as heck! The beginning startled me, as I honestly did not expect such intro in this album. But listening to it further, this cute and sexy song just gets you in the mood for love. Yeah?

Love Killa (Japanese Version)

Perhaps the few hundreds of views in this music video is mine, I admit it. The concept is too much for my poor heart to take! It killed the ice cold heart of mine and kept my heart beating furiously again.  


This is the song that you would like your date to play while in the car, driving somewhere. Its lyrics which is between flirtatious and sweet just makes you want to believe in love again!

Wish on the Same Sky

This song for me, is like a tall glass of cool water in a hot summer day – something that would relieve your thirst. In the midst of powerful and upbeat songs in the album, Wish on the Same Sky is your oasis, a reprieve that you didn’t know you needed.

Neo Universe

Hands down, this is one of my favorite songs in this album. It is upbeat and positive, like the Diamond Heart yet perfectly unique and different. Also, it is such a nice change to have Hyungwon sing many of the lines!

Flavors of Love

Just the song Secret, Flavors of Love stood out for me due to its slightly different genre as compared to the other songs. It is that song that you wouldn’t mind listening to for an hour on loop due to its easy beats and great melody.

How are your hearts, friends? Still beating furiously like mine? I know how you feel. When you think that the group couldn’t get any better, they did. Why am I even surprised by that?

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