How to Watch Disney’s Mulan 2020 Movie Online

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WHEN ASKED who my favorite Disney princess is, I would always answer “Mulan of course”. This movie lent me the strength I needed in times when things get tough. Being a rebel myself, I relate to Mulan in so many ways, hence she will always be special to me.

Original Mulan animated movie

Apart from my personal reasons, it also depicted a woman who didn’t need saving. She delivered the saving part, something anti-thesis to the Disney princesses that we had come to love. She exuded bravery yet at the same time vulnerability – being scared of the judgment of her parents. The complexity of her character and character development left a permanent mark on everyone, making her one of the most loved Disney princess of all time.


When Disney released the statement that there will be a live action remake on the classic Mulan, everyone panicked, but in a nice way. A lot of hopeful ladies auditioned for the once in a lifetime part to play the titular character who was eventually offered to the talented star Yifei Liu, China’s very own “Fairy Sister”.


Yifei Liu has been around the entertainment industry since she was a little girl. She started her career as a model when she was 8. By that time she had been training in singing, dancing, and piano. From there, her skills and previous projects had skyrocketed her to play a role in “The Return of the Condor Heroes”, which was very well received in Mainland China, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Yifei Liu as Mulan

This created a lot of hype, given such wonderful and talented actress gets to play Mulan. Many, including me, have been waiting for so long to see it on the big screen. However, due to the pandemic, release has been postponed several times. It was only recently that Disney decided to go to towards a streaming strategy instead.

Yifei Liu as Mulan

Mulan live action is only accessible through a subscription in Disney Plus. To understand the whole mechanics, read through below on how to watch Disney’s Mulan 2020 online.


1. Subscribe to Disney Plus

Thankfully, the streaming service is now available in the Philippines. For Php 359 a month, or Php 3600 a year, you can access all Disney movies together with its other affiliates like Marvel movies and Pixar movies.


2. Pay a one-time fee of $30 or around Php 1,500

On top of the Disney Plus subscription, you have to pay a one-time fee of $30 or around 1500Php. Now you may think this is steep, but by paying the one-time fee enables you to watch the movie any time you want, no matter how many times you want (as long as you are still subscribed to Disney Plus).

3. Stream all you want!

Now that you have paid for a subscription and a one-time fee, you can now access the movie anytime you want at the comforts of your own home! It will be there for you to access and watch anytime. Just be sure that you maintain your Disney Plus subscription to access it.


Although Mulan live action will be a part of the normal Disney Plus library of free movies (such as Iron Man series, Avengers, X-Men movies and other Disney Classics), we still have no idea when. Disney is yet to release a statement on that matter.

Perhaps like other big movies, it would take some time for free access after the initial release in the cinemas. In terms of Disney’s standards, it would take roughly six to nine months before we may see Mulan in Disney Plus without paying for the one-time fee.

For now, the only way we could enjoy the live action remake of our favorite girl hero is through the steps I wrote above. Although a little pricey, always remember that there is no price for safety. The offer allows willing viewers to be safe while enjoying the much awaited film.

On a side note, the super talented, multi awarded Grammy winner Christina Aguilera recorded a newer version of the 1998 hit song “Reflection”.

Are you excited for Mulan 2020? Happy watching!

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