How to Use and Install LYKA APP – What are Lyka Gems?

Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram are not the only highly downloaded and used apps in the market nowadays.

In the platform world that you as a user gives and gives, Lyka comes in and guess what?

It gives back in return. Have you heard of anything more useful? Read on to find out more!


What is Lyka?

Lyka practically compensates you for using it. The more you use it, the more you get “paid” back. It is a platform, a digital community where you as a user can post photos or videos of your interest.

What are Lyka GEMS?

The Lyka GEMS simply stands for (Gift card in Electronic Mode). So the more you have the GEMS, the more you have gifts. You can obtain these GEMS by uploading a photo or video while using the Lyka App.


Other Lyka users could also earn GEMS by engaging on your posts or other people’s post. So it is practically a win-win situation.

Points System for Lyka GEMS

As I’ve said before, the more you use the Lyka App, the more you earns GEMS. But how exactly?

Signing up for Lyka alone will give you 5 GEMS, like a sign up bonus.

You will get 15,000 GEMS is you get verified of Lyka. Verification process is easy and is not limited to famous people. Anyone can get verified!

For a photo post, you can get 0.05 GEMS. 

When you give an MR (Max Rate) for another person’s photo, you get 0.02 GEMS.

But when your post gets an MR, you get 0.05 GEMS.

Now, how do you use these GEMS in real life? Remember this conversion – 1 GEM is equal to 1 PESO.

How to Use Lyka GEMS


If you have enough GEMS, you can pay your purchases with this app. Think of the GEMS as good as cash. Find the merchants or store that accepts Lyka GEMS as payment and you are good to go.

Since GEMS is literally good as cash, you can use your GEMS to purchase anything you want – furniture, food, clothing, appliance, you name it. As long as the store accepts Lyka GEMS, then go shop till you drop (or till you run out of Lyka GEMS).

How to Install Lyka

The Lyka App is available for all Android and iOS users. To download and install, follow the steps below:

1.     Go to the App store or Google Play.

2.     Search for Lyka.

3.     Click Install

4.     Wait for it to be totally downloaded.

5.     Once fully downloaded, open the app.

6.     Now it is time for you to create your account.

7.     Log in using your Facebook account or simply type your email address of cell phone number.

8.     Create your password. Make sure to remember it.

9.     You will be asked to put a User Name.

10.  You will also be asked to identify your gender and other information such as birth day, and mobile number.

11.  After you fill in your mobile number, a confirmation code will be sent.

12.  Fill in the code to finish creating your account.

13.  Click Next

You’re done!

Using Lyka app is easy. The interface is easily navigable. You can use the search bar to look for artists and people you want to follow and give GEMS to. Remember, by posting and by giving GEMS, you yourself get GEMS too!

It’s funny how people used to say that we waste our time using these social media platforms and we don’t get anything from it in return. Well, the tables have turned now since Lyka appeared in the market. We can interact with others, and we get paid for the time we use the app. Surely revolutionary don’t you think?

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