How to Install and Use IWantTFC and KTX.PH

YOU PROBABLY are missing the shows and movies that ABS-CBN usually airs. As an alternative, you can now enjoy, yet again, your favorites with the iWANT TFC.

iWANT TFC is previously known as iWANT TV and iWANT, a platform and production company that shows ABS-CBN content, ast it s owned and operated by them. The beauty of iWANT TFC is that it is accessible worldwide, giving fans access to their favorite shows using the internet.

As of now, iWANT TFC can be accessed in these following areas: Philippines, Canada, Middle East, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Asia-Pacific. To enjoy your favorite shows anytime, anywhere, I have compiled an easy, step by step set of instructions that you could follow. 

iWantTFC and KTX.PH logos

How to Navigate iWANTTFC

The platform itself is easily navigable. You can choose between watching from your computer, or watching from an app on your mobile devices.

1. For those who uses a web browser, follow these steps:

a. Go to the website:

b. If you already have an account, log in with your details. If not, sign up for an account for free in this link:

c.  From the top left corner you can see five options, all of which you can choose from. These are: Shows, News, Movies, Live and What’s New.

d. Scroll down to search for the program you want to watch.

e. You can also access your show easily using the filter on your upper left.

2. For those who uses a mobile device, you can follow these instructions:

a. Download the app on your mobile device by searching iWantTFC. The app is available for Android and Apple devices.

b. After downloading the app, sign in to your account. Type in the details of your searching iWantTFC account – your email address and your password.

c. Once you logged in, you can scrolls down to search for your programs. You would not be seeing the five option tabs as this is in your mobile device.

d. You can also search for your program using the search bar on the upper right corner, just click the magnifying glass icon.

Account Options: Free or Premium

1. You can get the premium account which costs $13 per month or roughly 630PhP. The benefits of the premium account is summarized below:

a. Watch your shows without the advertisements

b. Up to 1000 movies

c. Unlimited access to all channels

d. Simultaneous screen viewing (4 screens)

e. Every month you get 2 free movie for rent 

2. If you do not want to shell out cash, you still can access the shows. These are the basic conditions for free account:

a.     Watch your shows with advertisements

b.     Limited up to 300 movie access

c.     Only 1 channel to access

d.     Access to the first ten episodes of a show

e.     Limited access to dramas, documentaries and other programs

f.      1 account means only 1 screen access


Another option you can have is the KTX.PH, which is the shortcut for Key To Experiences.  This online platform allows you to enjoy experiences online. This includes access entertainment and concerts online. This makes concert viewing experience safer, and of course, viewed from the comforts of your own home.

Due to the pandemic, artists and agencies are holding their events through the use of KTX.PH. An example of an online experience was the concert of Daniel Padilla last October 11. It looks like these days, all concerts will be held here, for safety reasons of course.

To use and buy electronic tickets from the website, follow these steps.

1.     Go to KTX.

2.     Log in to your account. If you don’t have an account, you can easily create one using your email address.

3.     As you scroll down, you can see the events being held or the upcoming events.

4.     Select your event or your show.

5.     You will be directed to the event or show details and the available tickets you can purchase.

6.     Scroll down to the number of tickets, and select Book Tickets option.

7.     You will be directed to another page – Checkout. You have to fill in your details. Select Check Out.

8.     You will be directed to the Payment Page. For the payment method, you can choose between credit card, online banking or epayment. Fill in your details and click proceed.

9.     After paying, your ticket (electronic ticket) will be emailed to you.

To watch the event you have paid for, follow these steps:

1.     After purchasing a ticket from the website, check your email to see your ticket details.

2.      Click the link in the email that have been sent to you. You will de directed to the KTC.PH screen, to the show you have bought access to.


Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla in ‘The House Arrest of Us’

1. The House Arrest of Us – a digital movie series starring the real and reel couple Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. This premiers on October 24.

2. U – Turn – a thriller film starring Kim Chiu, JM de Guzman, Tony Labrusca and directed by Pawan Kumar. This premiers on October 29.

3. Miss Universe Philippines – the legendary pageant competition that features the loveliest and smartest ladies from all over the country. This premiers on October 25.

4. Nina Live – the virtual birthday concert of legendary OPM singer Nina. This concert is scheduled on November 1.  


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