8 Pinoy Horror Films to Bingewatch for the Halloween Weekend!

HALLOWEEN is coming! Since we can’t really celebrate the way we usually do – treat or treating, partying, costumes and what not, why not spend it at the comforts of your home, with your family (or whoever you are quarantining with) watching the scariest Filipino films of all time?

Most of us grew up with the Shake, Rattle and Roll franchise, Magandang Gabi Bayan Halloween Specials and so on. Why not bring back out childhood Halloween traditions by bingewatching at the comforts of our homes?

So get your pajamas ready, prepare some popcorn, snacks and comfort drinks – not very hot drinks as you may *accidentally* spill it while you are screaming, and schedule a marathon with these scream worthy, spine chilling movies!


Claudine Barretto and Kris Aquino in Sukob (The Wedding Curse)

Directed by the veteran director Chito Rono, Sukob which was released in 2016 was based on the Filipino superstition that one should not be married in the same year as an immediate family or relative dies or marries. Starring Kris Aquino and Claudine Barretto, this film was once the highest grossing Filipino film of all time.

Feng Shui

Another project of the box-office queen Kris Aquino, Feng Shui is a story about a bagua mirror, which was said to bring luck to whoever owns it. However, the bagua mirror in the story is cursed, and whoever stared at the mirror dies. The film was released in 2004 and was considered to be the highest grossing film of that year. Due to its popularity, a sequel was released ten years later in 2014.

Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara

Dawn Zulueta in ‘Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara’

This film, which was shown in theaters in 1995 was actually a remake of the original horror movie, directed by the legendary Celso Ad Castillo. The story revolves around a spoiled woman, whose older sister always gives in to her whim – including the love of her life. Ruth (played by Dawn Zalueta) remained jealous of her husband Nick (played by Tonton Gutierrez) and suspects that he still loves her sister Barbara (played by Lorna Tolentino). The story revolves around her jealousy and the mysterious events that followed her suicide.


Pa-Siyam Movie Poster

Directed by Erik Matti, Pa-Siyam is another horror story that revolves around the traditional Filipino practice of having a nine-day prayer ritual after the burial of a loved one. The eldest sibling, played by Roderick Paulate, gathers his siblings together for the ritual for their deceased mother. In the end, they tried to find out the real cause of their mother’s death – a malevolent force in their home.


Kutob (2005)

Released by 2005, Kutob is compared with two other American well-known films – Psycho and Carrie. Directed by another legendary director Jose Javier Reyes, Kutob is the story about a suspecting jealous girlfriend who thinks her boyfriend is womanizing. Due to these suspicions she seeked the help of a fortuneteller who had foretold of the dangers in her path. With a worsening relationship and other friends intervening, this story shows a lot of twisted turns and unimaginable endings. This movie won several awards from the Metro Manila Film Festival in 2005 including:  Best Director, Best Actor, Best Editing, Best Original Theme Song, and Best Musical Score. The movie is topbilled by Rica Peralejo, Alessandra de Rossi, Ryan Agoncillo and Marvin Agustin.

The Healing

A supernatural horror film, The Healing was directed by Chito Rono and stars Vilma Santos, Kim Chiu, Janice de Belen, Pokwang, Mark Gil and Carmi Martin. It was the third Filipino film to reach the 100 million pesos mark in 2012. This film was also internationally released in Guam, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Las Vegas, San Diego, Seattle and New Jersey. The story revolves around a community’s belief in faith healing which unleased the chaotic appearances of doppelgangers, ghost possessions and murder.


Directed by Jose Javier Reyes, Malikmata tells the story of an unreluctant heroine who sees visions and hears things before they are meant to happen. The story is about seeking justice for the death of a wealthy woman and her maid. With the use of the heroine’s vision (played by Rica Peralejo), the movie also shows the justice system of the country, which was portrayed to cater only to the rich, leaving the poor to fend for themselves. The movie stars Rica Peralejo, Madeleine Nicolas, Barbara Perez, Ana Capri, Ricky Davao, Wowie De Guzman, and Marvin Agustin.


Sigaw, which was directed by Yam Laranas reached international fame, being shown in Singapore and Malaysia. The story revolves around a guy Marvin (played by Richard Gutierez) who finally found peace and contentment in his new flat, a unit in an old apartment building. However, his quiet life was slowly disturb by his neighbors down the hall – a battered woman and her child. The noises usually wakes him up at night, until he decided to finally leave the flat. He returns back to the flat to face the evil that dwells within. Also in the movie are Iza Calzado, Jomari Yllana and Angel Locsin.

With these movies, I hope you can make your Halloween enjoyable and unforgettable! Set up your entertainment system and have the ride of your life! Enjoy!

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