Top 5 KDramas to Watch this July 2022

HERE COMES JULY! We are finally done with the first half of the year, could you believe how fast time flies? We have been entertained with amazing Korean dramas and can I just say that the bar is set pretty high!

This July, we are again treated with highly promising Korean dramas that are worth binge-watching on! Here are my top 5 Korean dramas to look forward to this July!


Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me is a relatively short fantasy, romance, comedy television series that you would want on your to watch list! It starts with the shy but talented university student Seo Hee Soo played by Han Ji Hyo. This girl despite being in the university has never had any romantic relationship due to her low self esteem. One day she found a mysterious and magical lyrics notebook that allows the writer to live the love story he or she wants. Despite this craziness, only Hee Soo and Jung Si Ho (played by Do Young) knows about the magical powers of the notebook. Will she get the love story she so wishes for or is the love she wanted already there all this time? This drama will be aired on July 4.


Hot, iconic, dramatic and highly reflecting of today’s society, Remarriages and Desires is already making waves in local and international waters due to its highly anticipated airing. This drama and satire television series showcases South Korea’s upper society remarriage markets and upper class marriage information companies. Specifically, this drama tells the story of Hye Sung played by Kim Hee Sun, a typical housewife who lost everything in an instant. To get her revenger, she participates in the remarriage market to bring her life back and more. This drama starts airing on July 15.


Big Mouth is the July drama that I have been waiting for! With two huge superstars in the lead, what more could you ask for? Big Mouth is the moniker of a mediocre lawyer who talks a lot and never really wins his cases, Park Chang Ho, played by the charming Lee Jong Suk. In one unfortunate incident, he gets entangled in a murder case and finds himself in a shit hits the fan situation. Although he lacks the skills, he is married to a brave and smart nurse, Mi Ho played by Girl’s Generation’s Yoon A. Mi Ho happened to be responsible in making Chang Ho the lawyer he is today. With her help and cunning abilities, will they both get out of their troubles? Big Mouth is set to air on July 29.


Today’s Webtoon is one of the popular mangas that you wished would get an adaptation. It is finally here! The manga adaptation,  written by Naoko Matsuda, would star the stunning Kim Se Jeong, Daniel Choi and Nam Yoon Soo. It revolves around the talented Judo athlete, Ma -Eum who had to bid farewell to her Judo career due to an unfortunate injury. Transitioning from athlete life to corporate life, she got a job at a webtoon’s editorial department where her life becomes more interesting. The drama will start airing on July 29.


The Good Detective 2 is that crime drama television series you would want to watch when you are in a rut. It tells the stories of two polar opposite detectives – one old and realistic detective who uses experiences and personal connections to solve a case (played by Son Hyun Joo) and the other young and elite detective who uses criminal minds and scientific truth to solve cases. Their lives would get more messier and more interesting if you add the passionate reporter played by Lee Elijah. This drama is set to air on July 30.

Whew! Choosing my top 5 Korean dramas this month is quite tough since I know there are a lot of good ones coming out! Which ones did I miss? Write down in the comment section below!

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