Top 10 Music Streaming Sites

In our world today, we do everything with the help of music. We work while listening to music, we workout while listening to music, we travel while listening to music and even fall asleep while listening to music.

Because of our penchant and love floor music a lot of streaming sites have popped up to cater to all our various needs. This various sites specializes in various niche that many consumers demand.

In this article, we compiled the top 10 music streaming sites that music lovers and casual listeners alike enjoy.

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1. Spotify

Spotify is among the most popular music streaming platforms that is used by millions of listeners worldwide. It offers free and premium versions where you can enjoy extensive library of music, various playlist, podcast and even early album access. It is also accessible two major platforms such as Android an iOS. Not only that, Spotify has optional desktop app.

2. Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music unlimited it is also among the top music streaming sites that we have today. It is particularly convenient for people who own Amazon hardware such as Echo or Fire TV. Amazon also has large music contents podcast and scrolling lyrics that you can enjoy. Apart from that, it has a lengthy trials up to 90 days.

3. Apple Music

Apple music is among the forerunners of music streaming sites. It boasts more than 50 million tracks, has up-to-date video playlist, 24/7 Apple music 1 radio station, and even round the Clock Apple Music TV video channel. Subscribers also enjoy the smart interface and great recommendations. It is also available for IOS and has a desktop app.

4.  YouTube Music

YouTube Music is also another contender for great music streaming sites. It offers seamless switching between audio and music videos, time based playlist, family plan, numerous library recordings and genius search feature. It also allows a 30 day free trial.

5. Pandora

Pandora is among the first to enter the music streaming business and therefore has a lot of market. this music streaming site allows patrons to enjoy free streaming of numerous radio stations instead of on demand tracks. Pandora boost more than 100 personalized stations which you can enjoy with a specific number of skips. Pandora fans say that the customization is among the many perks of using this streaming site.

6.  Deezer

For those who are experience music listeners, Deezer is the music streaming site to go. Having had started in 2006, Deezer has expanded to include numerous platforms which includes Android , BlackBerry, BC, and even Windows. But you can also enjoy the truly free version on your mobile. apart from having great content, these are also offers video, live radio, podcasts, an even lyrics.

7. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is among those unique music streaming sites in this list. It distinguishes itself from the other sites in this list because of its feature that enables users to upload and share their own music creation. This allows musicians from all over the world to connect to each other through sharing their own music while appreciating others. SoundCloud also has free streaming an access to unlimited playlist.

BTS members Jungkook, Suga, Jin, V, Jimin, J-Hope and RM frequently upload music on Soundcloud

8. Tidal

Tidal is said to have among them better quality audio compared to other streaming sites. It boost high resolution master tracks, music related articles an even tickets to the most in demand concerts and other sporting events. The podcast available in Tidal is often music focused. Subscribers also love the exclusive live streams, concerts and even backstage content.

9. Primephonic

Prime phonic is among the most used music streaming site we have today. Aside from its extensive library, multiple platforms availability, lots of playlists, in great sound, this music streaming site distinguishes itself by having the most classical music tracks.

10.  Qobuz

Qobuz is said to have better than the CD quality sounds. It has studio quality audio which is perfect for streaming, vast music catalog both new and old, options to stream and purchase, and well-designed apps.

Which among these music streaming sites have you tried? What is your favorite? Did you notice the differences in terms of audio quality? How about the differences in playlist? Or the extent of the music and genre collection? Let us know! Happy streaming!


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