Things You May Not Know About G-Dragon of BIGBANG

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YOU MAY not know Kwon Ji Yong, but definitely you have heard of G-Dragon, probably the most famous Kpop idol there is in South Korea. Also considered as the “King of K-Pop”, so no big deal right there.

Aside from that impressive title, he is the leader of the boy band Big Bang, among the best-selling boy bands in the entire world. Apart from that, he is also works as a rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur and a fashion designer.


To celebrate his birthday, we have compiled some things you may not know about The King of Kpop, GD.


1. He was born in the year of the dragon. Roughly his name Ji Yong translates to G-Dragon. So his name perfectly fits him.

2.  He is the youngest child in their family. His sister, Kwon Dami owns a fashion boutique, whose products he wears sometimes to help in the endorsement.

3.  He knew that he wanted to be in entertainment at an early age. His first appearance on TV was on a children’s show called “Bbo Bbo Bbo”.

4.  He was already rapping as early as seven years old, when he became a member of Little Roora.

5.  He started his trainee days at SM Entertainment, where he trained for 5 years. Then he was convinced by the YG CEO Yang Hyun-suk to transfer to YG. He transferred when he was 12. You do the math.

6.  The original plan was to debut him and Taeyang, as a duo and not a group. He first opposed to the idea.

7. When BIGBANG debuted in 2007, GD won the Best Songwriter Award in the Mnet KM Music Festival.

8.  He usually received calls and messages from other girl group members saying that they wanted to be their friend. It was explained by his fellow BigBang member Seungri. Although he insists that he had no idea how they got his number.

9. His diverse range in music had been attributed to his skill, talent and hardwork. His musical idols includes Pharrell Williams, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna and Wu-Tang. IN fact, his first CD was Wu Tang Clan album – Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).

10. As a songwriter, he is credited to about 200 songs in the Korea Music Copyright Association. These songs alone are reported to earn him about $700,000 per year! These includes the hit songs “HaruHaru”, “Lies” and “Fantastic Baby”.

11.  GD is Asia’s first GIVENCHY Muse, the French luxury brand. He is also Asia’s first male CHANEL muse.

12.  He has his own line of earphones. Yes, apart from his fashion line PEACEMINUSONE, he has his earphone line which connects both utility and fashion. GD designed it himself to look like a necklace band but as earphones.

13.  He also collaborated with the famous Italian luxury shoemaker Guiseppe Zanotti and had produced two unisex shoe designs.


14.  He is a well-known philanthropist. He’s been known to donate yearly to Seoul National University Hospital for children who needs treatment. He also used his image to promote the causes he believes in – UN Refugee Agency and Red Campaign to fight AIDS.

15.  He appeared in the movie “Muhan Company in 2016playing the character Executive Director Kwon .

16.  He has a master’s degree from Sejong University where he studied content and retail distribution.

Researching on GD’s achievements in his three decades of life seems like researching an entire life history! No wonder he has been dubbed as the King of Kpop! His overall talents infront and behind the cameras, his networks of projects and overall good philanthropic pursuits is extremely noteworthy of being praised. No wonder a lot of Kpop boy groups, both male and female look up to him and his achievements. He indeed set the bar too high! To our, GD, may you have a happy happy birthday!

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