Things You Didn’t Know About Super Junior (Part 2 of 2)

Apart from the song Sorry Sorry, Lo Siento is one of these songs that Super Junior gave as a gift to humanity. With almost 37 million streams in Spotify alone, this song has been a staple for all Super Juniors and even other Kpop fans.

Their comeback this month will involve the release of their 10th album “The Renaissance”. They have started the promotions for this album as early as November last year when they released the “The Renaissance’ Story Teaser: The Start of a New Chapter” video.

A total of ten tracks will make the entire album. The first single ‘The Melody’ was released in November followed by two other songs – “Burn the Floor” and “Tell Me Baby”. To prepare for their tenth album and comeback this March, here is the second part of the things you may not know about the Super Junior members.

Super Junior


Eunhyuk of Super Junior

Eunhyuk was born as Lee Hyuk Jae on April 4, 1986 in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. He has an older sister named Lee So Ra. it was the band HOT and Michael Jackson who inspired him to become a singer dancer as a young child. He trained himself in singing rapping and dancing as early as his elementary days.

Although he failed his first audition with SM Entertainment, he was finally accepted as a trainee in his second audition. He was originally a member of the TRAX but then the group disbanded. This led him to be placed in another group which is Super Junior ’05, the first generation of Super Junior. He appears as an emcee for the show Weekly Idol and Back to the Idol.


Donghae of Super Junior

Donghae was born as Lee Dong Hae on October 15, 1986 on Mokpo, South Korea. He has an older brother named Lee Dong Hwa. it was his father who wanted him to become a singer. after winning the SM Entertainment’s Youth Best Contest, he signed in with the agency in 2001.

Donghae he is also very close to his family, in fact when he won his 1st place award for the first time his thank you message was “father I hope you’re healthy”. He also always wear a silver bracelet which was given to him by his mother.


Siwon of Super Junior

Siwon born as Choi Siwon on April 7, 1986 in Seoul, South Korea. He has one younger sister named Ji-won. He was scouted buy a talent agent from SM Entertainment when he was 16 and had auditioned without his parents’ permission. He had already made his television debut even before he debuted as a member of Super Junior.

He appeared briefly in the family drama Precious Family in 2004. He has also been appearing in various series such as Spring Waltz in 2006, Oh My Lady in 2010, Athena Goddess of War in 2010, Poseidon in 2011, The Man in the Mask in 2015, She Was Pretty in 2015 and Revolutionary Love in 2017. Siwon has been a member of many UNICEF campaigns since 2010.


Ryeowook of Super Junior

Ryeowook was born as Kim Ryeo Wook on June 21, 1987 in Incheon, South Korea. He graduated from Inha University majoring in theater and film studies. He was discovered when he joined the CMB Youth ChinChin Festival in 2004. This led him to sign a contract with SM entertainment due to his singing talent.

Although he only had two months worth of training before debuting as a member of the Super Junior, he was already well versed in terms of singing dancing and acting. Among the members he can play the piano keyboard and saxophone. He also can speak several languages such as Korean, Chinese, and English.


Kyuhyun of Super Junior

Kyuhyun was born as Cho Kyu Hyun on February 3, 1988 in Nowon district, Seoul South Korea. He has an older sister named Ahra who studied violin in Vienna, Austria. Kyuhyun got his bachelors degree from the Kyunghee University majoring in postmodern music. he also pursued his Masters education in the same University.

He originally wanted to pursue law as a career but changed his mind when he joined the band in high school. He realized that his talents lies in singing and performing. He joined the change in singing competition in 2005 and was signed as a trainee in SM Entertainment in 2006. He is the youngest member of the group.

What did you think about this two part articles? did you know the same facts as we did? What surprised you most? while we wait for the debut album to be released, let’s continue streaming on Super Juniors music in Spotify and their official YouTube accounts

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