Things You Didn’t Know About Moon Ga-Young of True Beauty

RAISE your hands if you are all watching the currently airing Korean drama series, True Beauty! Raise your arms and legs if you are dying from the butterflies in your stomach from watching and waiting for the next episodes to air. 

Yes, this romantic comedy series had been conquering the airwaves and various social media platforms from all the breath-taking visuals that the leads portray. One of them, who holds the titular role, is no other than Moon Ga-Young.

But prior to becoming a household favorite due to her role as Im Ju Gyeong, Moon Ga Young already has years, a decade even, of acting under her repertoire. To know more about our favorite heroine, read on!

Moon Ga-Young


Moon Ga-Young was born in Karlsruhe, Germany on July 10, 1996. Her parents are both of South Korean lineage. Her father is a physicist and her mother a musician. She spent a normal childhood in Germany, learning the language fluently, until her family moved back to South Korea when she was 10 years old.

She pursued her secondary education at the Pungmoon Girl’s High School and attended the prestigious Sungkyunkwan University, where she majored in acting and arts. Sungkyunkwan University alumna includes Song Jong Ki, Jo Bo Ah and Shin Ye Eun.


When her family moved back to South Korea, she immediately pursued her acting career, she was only ten years old that time. She worked on the films “To Sir, With Love”,“Bunt”, “Black House”, “Shadows in the Palace”, “Our Town”, and “Do You See”.

Her television projects when she was young were mainly younger versions of the lead characters in the series “Prince Hours”, “With Yoo Hee”, “Friend, Our Legend” and “Bad Guy” among many others.

Moon Ga Young’s performances in the dramas “The Reputable Family”, “Wang’s Family”, and “Waltzing Alone” received various nominations at the KBS Drama Awards for different years.

She also functioned as an MC at the show Sinnara Science in KBS1 in 2009.


As she gets older, she worked on more mature roles. Her performance on the romantic drama “Tempted” had won her the Excellence Award for Best Actress at the MBC Drama Awards in 2018. She acted alongside Woo Do Hwan and Kim Min Jae. This was considered her rise to stardom.

Moon Ga Young in Find Me in Your Memory

Her continued rise to fame landed her a lead role in the iconic comedy series “Welcome to Waikiki 2”. In 2020, she was signed to two dramas. First was the drama series “Find Me In Your Memory” where she played the model turned actress Yeo Ha Jin. Second, is the currently airing high school romantic drama “True Beauty” where she plays the make up genius, comic book aficionado Im Ju Gyeong.


True Beauty

In an interview, Moon Ga Young described her love for acting. Explaining that in acting, there is no right way to do it. She expounded that a performance could be different from each and every day and that is what makes her think about it.

She also prefers to act the roles appropriate for her age. Although she currently acts as a high school student in her current drama “True Beauty”, she believes that to act the character that suits her well is a huge and welcome coincidence. Moon Ga Young is all about giving a natural impression!

Moon Ga Young is such as refreshing breath of fresh air among the mainstream actresses that we always see in Korean dramas these days. Although she is way past the age of a high schoolers, her professional acting and naturally youthful charisma makes her the perfect lead in the drama True Beauty. Can’t wait for the next episodes!

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