Things You Didn’t Know About GFRIEND

GFriend is a South Korean all girl group that debuted in  2015. The agency they were signed in, Source Music, was acquired by Big Hit Entertainment in 2019.

With their debut EP Season of Glass, they have been awarded multiple rookie awards in that same year. In 2016, the released another EP – Snowflake which contains the multi awarded single “Rough”.

They have been constantly active, releasing EPs and singles every year. This coming November 2020, they are scheduled to release their third Korean studio album – Walpurgis Night


Here are the members of the iconic girl group GFriend. Soon, you can pick your bias!


Sowon of GFriend

Born Kim So Jung in Seoul, South Korea, she goes with the stage name Sowon. Sowon means “wish” in Korean. Sowon is officially one of the rappers of the group and is also considered as the group’s visual. She used to train at DSP, together with KARD members before signing in with Source Music. She trained for 5 years before her debut. She appeared in “To Me” MV by Rainbow.

When she was in school, she took part in cheerleading activities. In her spare time, she loves to play bowling and enjoys eating anything seafood, which is not a problem since she loved cooking. She is fluent in Korean and Japanese.


Yerin of GFriend

Jung Ye Rin was born in Seoul but did her growing up years in Incheon. Her name means “treasure” She has an older brother who is eleven years her senior. Prior to signing up with Source music, she has been a trainee at Fantagio. She also trained under Cube.

She appeared in the popular show “King of Masked Singer” under the nickname “Fat Macaron”. Her other appearance include “Under Nineteen” as an MC. In their dorm, she is in charge of cleaning. When not working, she loves to binge watch on Netflix, watch anime (her favorite is “One Piece”), read manga and play games (such as Angry Birds).


Eunha of GFriend

Born in Seoul, Jung Eun Bi goes by the stage name of Eunha which means “galaxy”. She began her career as a child actress – when she appeared in the drama The Clinic for Married Couples” Love and War. She trained with Big Hit entertainment for about a year before leaving. She trained under Source Music for only under two months before being selected for the lineup of GFriend.

IN her spare time, she works on her cooking skills. Her favorite dish to prepare are mixed noodles. IN fact, she watches cooking shows to improve her cooking skills. Like Yerin, she also appeared in the show “King of Masked Singer”, where she took on the pseudonym “Fresh Santorini”.


Yuju of GFriend

One of GFriend’s main vocalist, Choi Yu Na, takes in the stage name Yuju which means “affection”. Early on, she already know she wanted to pursue a career in music and entertainment. She was part of the Kpop Star 1, she trained with LOEN and auditioned (but failed) for JYP.

She used to upload cover songs on her Youtube chanel “Yuna Choi”. Like the other members of the group, she also participated in “King of Masked Singer as “Christmas in July”. Yuju made her debut as a solo singer with her song “Love Rain”.


SinB of GFriend

Hwang Eun Bi was born in Cheongju, South Korea but goes with the stage name SinB which means “secret”. She started her career at an early age. She used to be a child model for children’s clothing and a star in the popular children’s show “The Fairies in My Arms”. She used to train under Big Hit Entertainment, she was there for five years.

She also appeared in the “King of Masked Singer” under the name “Korean Fan Dance Girl”.

In 2019, she became a model for the clothing brand Evisu.


Umji of GFriend

KimYe Won or Umji (which means “thumb”) is the youngest of the group. She was spotted by the CEO of Source Music himself, while she was walking on the street. After that, she was invited to participate in an audition.

She loves to play musical instruments on her free time, particularly the guitar and the piano. Like her other members, she appeared in the “King of Masked Singer” as “Pheasant”.

GFriend is one of the most loved girl groups in K-Pop right now. If you’re not familiar with GFriend, you can watch the following music videos. For sure, you’ll be a ‘Buddy’ after watching!

Although we are still waiting for their third album to drop on November 9, we are happy with excitement as we will see the girls more active again. Most specially, the quality of their album has only been improving the longer they stay in the industry. This means, our waiting and anticipation would not go in vain. A few more sleeps to go! Let’s hang in there!

Oh wait. Did you know that the ladies of GFriend have an online concert October 31? Check the teaser and buy an online ticket now!

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