NEW MOM UPDATE: Sophie Albert ibinahagi ang health condition ni Baby Avianna

PARANG kailan lang nang inanunsyo ng longtime couple na sina Vin Abrenica at Sophie Albert na sila ay engaged na. Eventually ay inamin na rin nila sa publiko na they’re expecting a little blessing!

Napakabilis ng takbo ng mga araw dahil mahigit isang buwan na pala since manganak si Sophie sa baby girl nila ni Vin named Baby Avianna.

Sophie Albert, Vin Abrenica and Baby Avianna

Kinakarir ng new parents ang pagiging hands on mom and dad. To make the first month with their Baby Girl more special ay nagkaroon sila ng mini celebration and pictorial sa bahay.

Sa latest vlog nina Vin at Sophie ay may ibinhagi ang bagong mumshie tungkol sa health condition ng kanyang unica hija.

“If you had told me like last week or two weeks ago na we would have been able to put Avianna down kahit for like five seconds nang hindi siya umiiyak, I wouldn’t believe it. Kasi she’s a super duper fussy baby.”

“We found out that she has GERD. Something like her stomach isn’t as mature yet.

“She has a problem, I guess, digesting her milk that’s why she’s super fussy.

Ayon sa, “Gastroesophageal reflux disease [GERD] occurs when stomach acid frequently flows back into the tube connecting your mouth and stomach [esophagus]. This backwash [acid reflux] can irritate the lining of your esophagus.

Pag-amin ni Sophie, “We are having such a hard time with her,”

“But recently, like the past four days, five days, she’s been much easier to deal with; she hasn’t been crying as much. For the past two nights she’s been sleeping for at most two and a half hours.”

Proud din si Sophie sa mga nakikitang developments ni Baby Avianna.

“She is also starting to stare at things. I guess this is the time that she finally sees contrasts, so she’s starting to stare at the faces.”

Tulad ng mga first-time parents, aminado si Sophie na nangangapa pa sila ni Vin sa kanilang bagong papel bilang parents, na sabay nilang natututunan ang mga pasikot-sikot ng bagong mundong ito.

“She’s getting better; we are both getting better together. The three of us are starting to have a bit of a language together.

“I’m starting to understand na rin like her cries if she’s really hungry or she’s just a little bit more needy, she just needs more comfort.”

Mas nakikilala rin ng Abrenica Family ang isa’t isa.

“Slowly, we’re getting to know each other better and we’re really enjoying it.” pagtatapos nito.

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