Parazzi Chikka: Marian Rivera, signs on Angel Locsin’s Darna Poster

Nakatanggap kami ng e-mail mula sa isang fan ni Angel  Locsin na si Avee. Pinalitan  diumano ng mukha ni Marian Rivera ang mga posters ni Angel Locsin noong gumanap ito bilang Darna. Hindi lang ‘yan, pinirmahan pa raw ni Marian ang nasabing mga posters na alam naman niyang hindi niya fez ang nakalagay ro’n! Ito po ang natanggap naming e-mail, kayo na lang ang humusga:

“I’m sending you these pictures and check what’s your opinion regarding this. It’s spreading all over showbiz forums. We know Marian is going to play the remake of Darna however it’s very disappointing or should I say disgusting to use Angel Locsin’s picture and photoshopped with Marian’s face. Angel fans (including myself) of course are reacting about this matter with due respect to Angel. We understand that Marian autographed the tarpaulin not to hurt her fans feeling but how about her feeling signing it knowing the fact that IT’S NOT HER BODY AT ALL! Why they did not wait for Marian’s Darna pictorial than using the old one. I guess this is first time in the showbiz history to use someone’s body and the actress gladly signed it. Wow, what a shame! I hope Marian’s fans will apologize to Angel and her fans but when we let them know our point of view regarding this as usual as their idol nasty attitude that’s what we got from them.”

Parazzi Chikka
by Faith Salazar

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