Kris Lawrence napraning nang makaramdam ng COVID-19 symptoms

Leo Bukas

INAMIN ng singer na si Kris Lawrence na nakaramdam siya ng labis na pag-aalala at anxiety attack few days ago nang makaramdam siya ng animo’y mga sintomas ng pagkakaroon ng covid-19.

“Anxiety is no joke. I’ve been battling anxiety the past 2 days and being all alone, I swear, does not help,” pag-amin ni Kris.

Patuloy pa niya,  “I had cold sweats, fast heart rate (I could see the pulse on my wrist and chest), and as much as I tried to shake it mentally, the symptoms I was feeling would outweigh my mindset.”

Kris Lawrence

Isang post daw mula sa kaibigan ang dahilan ng kanyang pag-aalala.

“What triggered it was seeing one of my friends post. His post struck some sort of a fear in me and just chained to other symptoms.  I called friends for healing in all kinds of realms and I’m happy to say that I’m 100% better.

“Thank you to Jinky Ureta for my distance Reiki healing, Michael John Reyes for healing through Jesus and distance quantum frequency healing with Dr. Ben, and my physical healing through food intake from my buddy Andrew Santos Sandel.

“He assesed my situation and came to the conclusion that I was lacking carbs in my diet. So I’m actually on a high carb diet right now and I swear — I feel so good! His take on putting me on the high carb diet was that I was overthinking and it was burning too much energy and my diet (fruits and veggies) was not sustaining the calories I needed.

“After all, mental is 80-90% and physical is only 10-20% of the battle. He was totally right,” tuluy-tuloy na kuwento ni Kris sa naging assessment ng kanyang kaibigang doctor.

Kris Lawrence

Ngayon ay masigla na raw siya at hindi na nakakaramdam ng anxiety.

“Now, no trace of anxiety even if I think negative… haha (I had to test it) — straight tackled this anxiety problem with Mind, Body, and Spirit healing with the help of great friends.

“Tomorrow is a brand new day! Being alive and healthy is seriously a blessing that a lot of us don’t take notice of. Even though it’s ECQ season 3, it feels so good to be alive!” huling pahayag ni Kris.


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