KPOP Album Review: Jack in the Box by J-Hope (BTS)

J-HOPE recently released his debut studio album Jack in the Box last July 15, 2022 under Big Hit. The album contains 10 tracks and has “More” as the lead single.

Now I have been a fan of his mix tape Hope World since its release in 2018. So I have very high expectations for this. Here is my honest opinion about J-Hope’s newest album.

J-Hope Jack in the Box album cover


This narration of a short story brings me back to my joyful highschool days where we studied Greek Mythology. While listening to this, flashback of good times came back. I think this is an excellent way to set the pace in an album! Succinct, clear and straight to the point!


The title fits the emotions impressively. We all know that Jhope is only human and despite the fact that he gives us a lot of joy, sometimes he really needs joy in his life. I can feel the negative emotions in this track and surprisingly I am happy for him that he finally releases these. Getting in touch with his emotions, acknowledging it, feeling it and accepting it is one of the many ways we move on as individuals. Great track!


I totally understand why this was made as the lead track after listening to this masterpiece! I mean this is a totally new side of Jhope that we are witnessing! We didn’t expect it, but we welcome it nevertheless. He went from a bright happy concept to a dark sexy concept, his deep voice, vocals, the music video, Jhope now, he just knows how to make himself stand out!


Listening to Stop brings me back to the 90s style rap but with a different flair. Of all the songs that I have listened to in this album, this is the most relatable for me. There are a lot of thoughts that we have been having (I know it’s not just me) and it’s quite nice to know that I am not alone in dwelling with these feelings and emotions. The message couldn’t be more welcome!


After the first four tracks, this is such a positive balm to my aching heart. True to his roots, he is the one who drops a song about loving each other regardless of our differences. He recognizes and celebrates diversity and he wants to make sure that everyone does as well. One positive song to add in my happy playlist!


Music Box: Reflection is something I thought I would not enjoy but I totally did. The combination of music box, his breathing and the beat just does something to my soul! I love how raw and real this is. Just various melodies combined into one great track!


The words just hits you right in the spot. How can one person manage to capture my thoughts, emotions and feelings and perfectly worded it? As I study the lyrics, I think Jhope is talking about himself, his persona. I am glad that he opened up to us, showing his darker side and the work that it’s not always rainbows and sunshine in life. Another relatable song!


Wow! Safety Zone is just raw, pure and honest. It shows all the sufferings and obstacles that idols are encountering on the daily. It shows that regardless of our status, money, power, we are all normal human being. I relay to the line “I like animals more than people these days”. Totally relatable honestly.


Yup, I conclude that this album is really deep. The way he managed to portray his feelings in this album is honestly impressive. I’m glad that in this album he included more of his vocals, which I think we need more of! The runs and the rap is just perfection!


Okay I honestly did not expect a bop in this album. Everything he does is masterful. He takes something and makes it even better. If you have high expectations, he’d raise the bar higher! I also totally love the music video! He’s hot! *wink*

Well, I am not surprised that the album is great. I am surprised by the low bar I set for J-Hope. I mean, this man just slayed!

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