How to play and install Rhythm Hive app (BTS, TXT, ENHYPEN)

IF YOU think that there are no possible iterations in which you can enjoy and entertain yourself with BTS, TXT or ENHYPEN‘s music, you are utterly mistaken.

Have you heard of the app Rhythm Hive? Rhythm Hive app is practically a gift for fans all over the world. Using the artist’s music, you can have various missions by yourself and with other fellow fans in an extremely engaging manner.

Read on to understand the Rhythm Hive app hype and how you yourself can install and enjoy it!

BTS is featured in Rhythm Hive

What is Rhythm Hive?

 Rhythm Hive is a rhythm game that features the various artists of the entertainment giant, Big Hit Entertainment. You can enjoy songs from artists like BTS, Tomorrow X Together and Enhyphen while engaging with other players around the world, in real time.

How To Install

Rhythm Hive app is available for Android users as well as Apple users. To download follow these simple instructions:

1. Simply go to your Google Play or App store and search for the Rhythm Hive app.

2. Make sure you have enough memory to install and save the app.

3. Create your own profile and finish the set up. You’re done with the installing of the game! 

How To Play


Playing is easy. You can play alone, or play in group. Playing alone is easy as these steps:

1. Select the music. You can choose from various music that the app has.

2. Select the artist. Choose between BTS, Tomorrow X Together and Enhyphen!

3. You can decorate the stage! Unleash your decorator self!

4. Then you can perform and enjoy!

As for the multi players, here are some notes: 

· You can play with other people to achieve stars and get some tokens.


·  To play together, you can choose the mix stage, But you have to gather some members first.

·  It is not as confusing because the stage will be given to the artist, in this case your chosen player. This gives you and your artist enough time to shine and enjoy!

·  After the performance, your scores will be shown in the scoreboard. The best artist is the one who scored the highest. You can also earn tokens when your Team Harmony is higher. 

·  The happiness level of your artist will also be measured, the happier the artist gets, the more reward you, as a player, will earn.

·  If you accomplish the mission, you get more tokens.

·  Using the tokens, you could get Card packs.

· To get high scores, you can use the various Performance Cards for each of the artist.

·  There are several modes that you can choose and enjoy. For the Studio mode, you can use it to increase your basic skills. 

· For the Live Stage mode, you can have great clean fun and share the enjoyment with your friends.

· For the Mix Challenge, you can choose the challenge with various combination of songs, up to three!


Like other popular games out there, this app earns revenue through advertisements and in-app purchases. For those who choose to purchase some of the products that they sell in the app, here are some of the reminders you should consider prior to purchasing.

· Although the app is free, there are some contents that need purchasing, hence a separate fee is charged.

· Some products are priced and purchased separately. The price discrimination is based on the foreign currency and depends on the exchange rate.

· The subscription items could be purchased through the app. The transactions are made per month, starting from the first day of your purchase, and could be canceled anytime.


ENHYPEN Performance Cards featured in Rhythm Hive

The Rhythm Hive app allows you to enjoy different and artistic concept photos that fans will surely enjoy!

Also, the graphics are extremely visually pleasing. A lot of users have already reported that they are pleased with the graphics and it makes a pleasant experience.

The game itself is reported to be entertaining. There are a lot of catchy and feel-good songs that are available for players.

There you have it! I hope you can enjoy playing the Rhythm Hive app as much as I did. And let me know if you need more players, we could play together!

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