Dream On: TinyTAN animation spreads love and comfort with BTS’ ‘Zero O’Clock’

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“When this song ends, may you be a little happier..”

Fans of global superstars BTS were in tears upon the release of the newest TinyTAN video last January 15, 2020 at 23:57 KST.

TinyTAN is the mini characters inspired by BTS. In continuation of their initial release ‘Magic Door’ in August of last year, the narrative of a working, goal-driven female ARMY continues as she commutes back home after a long day at work. Exhausted, the TinyTAN characters suddenly appears with Jin giving her a flying kiss that turns her printed kore shirt into a larger whale that comes out of the TV. This creature probably pertains to Whalien 52, the song about the loneliest creature in the world.

TinyTAN: Inspired by BTS

Through the help of Whalien 52 (that might also represent the current state of fans who are experiencing loneliness due to the lockdown) and the little boys, the female ARMY is transported in a fantasy hope world (reference to J-Hope’s EGO and We are Bulletproof: The Eternal music videos), where she is encouraged by the TinyTANs to play the piano by giving her a long, purple dress and looks at her lovingly as she plays a piece.

The touching animated features the ballad ‘Zero O’Clock’ sung by the BTS vocal line singers Jin, Jimin, V and Jungkook. The song hits hard as it speaks about having a hard day but having hopes that tomorrow will be better and that life still goes on.

On his Vlive way back in March of last year, leader RM mentioned that he wrote the lyrics of the song quickly he comes home from a tiring day at work and while lying in his bed at night, he keeps asking himself ‘Is it my fault?’ He knows that the answer is ‘No’, but the constant questioning happens frequently. Even if this happens, a new beginning starts once the clock strikes at midnight or 00:00. Anyway, a day goes by and your life goes on.

The video ends with the female ARMY sleeping soundly as the TinyTAN bid temporary farewell with some members crying and others trying to fight the tears as they part ways for the mean time. This shows the band’s genuine love for their ARMY. Even if we’re in a world full of uncertainties, they’re still there to cheer on us.


Before the video ends with the comforting message, “When this song ends, may you be a little happier..”


Zero O’ Clock (00:00)  is part of the critically-acclaimed album ‘Map of the Soul:7’ released on February 2020. Listen to the full audio of the song below. You may also check the English translation of the lyrics here.

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