CONCERT REVIEW: 2021 Big Hit Entertainment New Year’s Eve Live

I WOKE UP early for the 2021 Big Hit Entertainment New Year’s Eve Live (NYEL), and can I say, it was all worth waking up to on a cold winter morning! Big Hit Entertainment’s New Year Eve concert was scheduled to air on 7:30AM EST, and can I say the entire online concert was extremely entertaining.

Not only that our favorite BHE artists were to perform, artists from across the pond were also included in the lineup. We saw Steve Aoki, Halsey and Lauv perform in a prerecorded show.

The concert was pre-opened by Hanbin’s powerful dance moves followed by the artistic poem with incredible visuals. The computer generated effects interconnected various artists, in line with the theme of the NYE’s concert – We’ve Connected.

Big Hit Entertainment’s 2021 New Year’s Eve Live


ENHYPEN (Photo from Kpop Herald)

The first Big Hit Entertainment group to perform was Enhypen – with solo dance breaks, unit performances and mini skits in between. In between are mini interludes/skits that are high quality, well executed and exquisitely planned. I was enthralled not only by their amazing stage presence and performance, the stage itself with the design and background were a sight to behold!

The changing of sleek attires and outfits is followed by incredible stage designs – gigantic window frames and candles, stage lighting is just phenomenal. Whoever planned Enhypen’s performance sure know how to capture the audience’s attention.


Tomorrow x Together (TXT) | Photo from KPop Herald

Enhypen’s performance was then followed by TOMORROW X TOGETHER OR TXT.  As expected, their performance was equally dazzling. I think that the Black and white clothing contrasts beautifully with their changing environment.

I was also equally awed by the dance breaks of all the members – Soobin led. Apart from the performance, the curated songs that the group performed is highly appreciated – I think it picks out the best songs that represented the groups vocal talent and artistry.


Bumzu | Photo from Kpop Herald

Bumzu’s performance was also impressive! I think his bit of the concert has the best stage  design – both in the props and the light show. The amount of thought and planning that went to Bumzu’s stage design is impressive. The brief moment where only shadows were seen were simple but honestly artistic. The performance itself reminded me of Bruno Mars’ half time Super Bowl show – very engaging and lively. 

Stage with piano and rising lights instead of falling lights was magical, surrounded by what seems to be building silhouette. With the aurora borealis effect the stage alone is overwhelming. Shows what a performer he is – easily transitions to mellow songs shows his crooner side.


Lee Hyun | Photo by Kpop Herald

Lee Hyun brings us back to the classics and good old music. Live band and singing, tinsel background with changing lights – and oldie but goodieSorry didn’t get to take a lot of notes I was captured and mystified by his voice so I just listened to his entire performance.

Tribute to the late Shin Hae-chul

After the four artists’ performance, there was a bit of interlude, started by the great Min Yoongi a.k.a. SUGA himself of the BTS. After that was an impressive lineup of BHE in marching band ensemble, impressive acrobatics and dragon dance shows – sets up the very festive mood to honor the late Shin Hae-chul.

Bumzu and selected representatives from the participating groups sung the songs ‘What Do You Want’ and ‘To You’ with Shin Hae-chul’s hologram.


GFriend | Photo by Kpop Herald

Gfriend, I have no idea how to describe the performance. What started as bleak and grey m which shows their muted personalities transitioned into a huge bang! I think that they had the most impactful intro than the other groups.

The Apple intro is fiercer which suits their concept. You know how talented they are they can do contemporary dance. I was floored! Also, the stylists should get proper commendation, they worked on blank red canvas but managed to give each member unique style!

The Mago dance number was, wow! Cabaret vibes. Tinsel lights costumes. Overwhelming, but the good kind. Synchronicity in heels is impressive, dance break with partners was impeccable, the confetti showed all the glitz and glamor truly captured the vibe! Give me more!



The duality that Nu’Est showcased was inspiring! First started their number with what seems to be stiff vibe – cold, prim and proper, they captivated their audience with mystery and seriousness. But then, the other half of their performance, they loosened up and showed their other side – fun, flirty and engaging with more lively facial expressions and tons of fan service.


BTS performing Dynamite

Finally, the last artist to perform for the night was BTS. They started their performance with their Billboard topping hit – Dynamite with a stage that stayed true to the disco theme. Then followed by Best of Me with the six gentlemen simply having fun, free dancing and enjoying the moment.

The second half of their performance was with Steve Aoki (for the song Mic Drop), Lauv (Make It Right) and of course, Halsey (Boy With Luv). The entire concert was ended with BTS’ Life Goes On with montage of their performances and clips throughout the years projecting in black and white in the giant screen.


Prior to the start of the concert, I am a fan of only BTS, honestly I had no idea who the artists were. Now that I watched through the three hour spectacular, I can say that I may be spending too much time watching BHE’s artists’ music videos and listening to their songs. My money was so totally worth it just watching one artist alone, and they gave us most! Although we didn’t get to see SEVENTEEN due to prior commitments, the lineup was still equally impressive.

Thank you so much Big Hit Entertainment, and their artists, staff onscreen and off screen for putting up this wonderful online concert, your efforts are well appreciated!

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