9 Feel-Good iWant Original Series to Bingewatch (Part 3 of 3)

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NOW WE’RE DOWN to our final three! Nagustuhan niyo ba ang Part 1 at Part 2 ng ating iWant Originals Series feature? Don’t worry – we saved the best for last!

Star-studded, kuwela at magkakaiba ang last three digital series sa ating listahan. May isang out-of-this-world na love story (literal), meron na para sa ikatutuwa ng ating LGBT+ Community at meron din para sa mga asawang naghiwalay. Hmmm.. paano naging feel-good ang annulment?! Well, Read on!

FLUID (Ann Colis, Joross Gamboa and Roxanne Barcelo | Jhon En Martian (Pepe Herrera & Arci Munoz)

7. Jhon en Martian

Starring: Pepe Herrera and Arci Muñoz with Rufa Mae Quinto
Director: Victor Villanueva

Jhon (Pepe Herrera), the human representation of bad luck, is sent by his narcissistic boss, Nestor, on his last delivery errand before flying to Malaysia. Jhon is resetting his life — he wants to start anew abroad. But as luck would have it, 223 (Arci Muñoz), a Martian runaway bride, takes off after him because she believes her spaceship is in his delivery box. She follows him to the airport, causing him to miss his flight to Malaysia. With his bad luck, Jhon thinks he has nothing left to lose. Together, they embark on a mission to look for the lost spaceship – for him to get rid of her and her to get rid of him – without knowing they will find love along the way. All these after 223 kisses Jhon on the lips, what they call in Mars Intergalactic Oral Transference or IOT.

Bet mo ba ang out-of-this-world story? Kailangan mo ba ng space? Ang Jhon En Martian ang bagay para sa’yo!

Isa ito sa pinaka-unang digital series ng iWant na talagang nakakaaliw! Surprising ang chemistry na ipinakita nina Pepe at Arci dito at super na-appreciate namin ang appearance ni Rufa Mae Quinto rito. Go, go, go! Fight Fight Fight! YEEESSSS! WOOHOO!!

8. Fluid

Starring: Roxanne Barcelo, Joross Gamboa, Ann Colis and Janice de Belen.

Director: Dominic Mique

This is the story of Mitch (Roxanne Barcelo) who recently broke up with her boyfriend Jacob (Joross Gamboa) after finding out that he is having an affair. Her past relationships paints the same picture, men always cheated on her. Fed up and traumatized by these circumstances and encouraged by her more liberal friends, Mitch embarks on a journey towards being “”fluid”” in terms of love, sex and relationship.

Nauuso ngayon ang BL o Boy Love sa Asya, pero why not GL o Girl Love? Roxanne Barcelo shines once more as Mitch, isang babaeng sawi sa pag-ibig na magti-take ng risk by falling in love with a pretty lady. Pero paano kung bumalik si ex? Sino ang mas pipiliin niya? Hindi kami sure kung hanggang episode 4 lang talaga ang seryeng ito, but we want more! Swak na swak ito for Pride Month kaya aura na! Watch na!

9. Uncoupling

Yam Concepcion and Joseph Marco in ‘Uncoupling’


Starring: Joseph Marco and Yam Concepcion with Cindy Miranda
Director: Dwein Baltazar

Can there be life after love? Can there be friendship after separation? In this thoroughly modern tale of picking up the pieces after a failed marriage, successful doctor Alex (Yam Concepcion) is about to find out. After her mutual decision to separate from her husband of 16 years, Carlo (Joseph Marco), is revealed way ahead of schedule, Alex’s plans to find a new home and re-enter single life go into overdrive. But on top of all the confusion and missteps, Alex will also have to navigate the meddling of her family, the judgment of society, and her own doubts. Consciously uncoupling, it turns out, is not as easy as it seems.

Annulment or any separation is never easy, but Uncoupling can give you an inspiration to make a little bit more lighter. Refreshing ang pairing nina Joseph Marco at Yam Concepcion at ang maganda sa ‘break-up’ na ito ay mas level-headed ang dalawang tao at less chaotic drama. Mas realistic.

There you go! Alin sa mga siyam na iWant Original Series ang napanood niyo na o balak ninyo panoorin? Happy viewing!

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