USA TRAVEL GUIDE: Things to Do and Places to Visit in Colorado

COLORADO is always a great choice of destination for many travellers and vacationers all around the world. With the many sites to see and activities to do, it comes to no surprise that people would include Colorado as a part of their must-visit list. So if ever you are already planning to go to Colorado but haven’t quite decided on what to do and where to go yet, here is a list of 18 things you can do in Colorado.

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Explore Rocky Mountain National Park

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery and unique wild life here at the Rocky Mountain National Park. There are a lot of hiking trails available all with varying difficulty. It is best to consult rangers for which trails are appropriate for your experience level. Appreciate the wonders you will see while you are there.

Do White Water Rafting and Kayaking at Glenwood Canyon

This is an adventurer’s paradise! It is the best place to go to for summertime activities. It has such a striking setting for a rafting adventure. Rafters and paddlers will surely experience an exciting ride.

Snowboarding and Skiing at Copper Mountain

If ever you visit during winter, try a fun activity such as snowboarding or skiing. Snowboarding and skiing parks here are constructed to fit all skill levels. Whether if you’re a first timer or a competitive snowboarder/skier, the terrains at Copper Mountain will sure be fun for you.

Bike the Arkansas River

The Arkansas River is a delight to either walk or stroll along with because it has such a scenic view. It may be more than seven miles long but is sure would be nice to say you accomplished to finish it.

Rock Climb the Routes in Royal Gorge Region

Many rock climbing-enthusiasts in the country fly to Colorado just to try out the routes in the Royal Gorge Region.

Jet Ski at Jackson Lake State Park

A great way to cool off while still being your adventurous self is by going to one of the best locations for jet skiing which is the Jackson Lake State Park. The view of the mountains from this park is breathtaking. Enjoy the view as your skim over the crystal clear waters of the lake.

Hang/Paraglide in Colorado

Now this is truly for the brave and fearless, heights is the most common fear in the world but hang/paragliding in Colorado is an activity you should not miss out on. There is nothing like getting a bird’s eye view of the entire mountain scenery and feeling the cool wind to your face.

History and Art

Visit the Denver Art Museum

Not only is it admired for its unique architecture but the works found inside it as well are outstanding. The Denver Art Museum has mostly a collection of American Indian Art, but it also has more than 70,000 other works of other cultures all around the globe.

Stop by at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

A combination of Southwestern, Art Deco and Classic architectural design; the structure of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center has given a whole new meaning to modern art. The galleries and art studios found within offer a lot to its visitors.

See the Dinosaur National Monument

Enjoy your stroll in the area of Dinosaur National Monument knowing it has dinosaurs have walked in the same paths.

Discover Bent’s Old Fort

This national historic site is a park visited by many who enjoy learning about history through visual learning. It is quite an adventure to come face to face with something that holds so much stories of the past.

Watch a show at the Denver Performing Arts Complex

Wouldn’t it be a treat to be able to watch a show at one of the largest performing arts center in the US? Broadway, ballet, chorales, opera, and many more choices you can choose from.

Food and Drinks

Have a sip at The Front Range

A glass of beer is always a good decision and if you’re hoping to get a taste of good beer in Colorado, The Front Range can be your go to place. Just listen to the live music, enjoy the tasty beer, and relax in their patio seats.

Drink Fancy at The Western Slope

Not interested in beer? Maybe wine will do the trick. Colorado sure does have a lot of wineries across the state. You can practically find them anywhere. BUT if you want to taste wine that is the best of the best then go to Colorado’s “Wine Country” which is “The Western Slope” Enjoy finding the wine that soothes your taste during their wine tastings.

Get a Burger at Bingo Burger

The truly all American meal, the burger, is a classic meal loved by all Americans and almost all people in the world. But the Bingo and Goat Hill Burger at Bingo Burger tastes out of this world. Get ready to get your mouth dripping buckets of saliva!

Refresh with some juice at the Boulder Farmer’s Market

After all the walks and sightseeing you’ve done, the best way to quench your thirst is by buying the watermelon juice found at the Boulder Farmer’s Market. Since it is freshly squeezed, it makes each sip a refreshing and hydrating one.

Have a bite-to-eat at Cañon City Queen Anne

If you’re looking for something meatier than a burger, then try out the grilled bison rib eye at this restaurant. Its flavour profile is off the charts. It is soft and juicy.

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Mouse’s Chocolates

After all your hearty meals, it would be nice to have a chocolate dessert as a palette cleanser. The blackberry truffle of Mouse’s Chocolates has such a smooth texture and light taste that many visitors of the state choose to buy extra boxes for themselves to be brought home.

With all of the choices you have been given which one would you like to do first on your trip?

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