Is Online Dating, The New Way To Find Love?

1 Eliza-And-Paul 2 Eliza-And-Paul 3 Eliza-And-Paul 4 Eliza-And-PaulTODAY, THE ubiquity of Internet is uncontested. Everyone now relies on their mobile, tablets and laptop for information, entertainment and even finding their soulmates.

Eliza is like other Filipino mothers who are forced to leave their children to work abroad to give them a better life. She came to the UK through the help of her sister, and got a job as a carer. Life in a cold country like UK sometimes can be gloomy for someone who is miles away from her loved ones so Eliza just devotes her time working. Talking to her partner and children online removes her blues away. She had been contented with this setup until her worst nightmare occurred. She found out that the man whom she thought would stick with her until the endcheated!

Her breakup with her ex-partner was too painful for Eliza but she didn’t wallow in misery. She didn’t give up on her dream of having a complete family. She carried on her work and eventually opened herself to other people through online-dating. It is through one of the most popular dating sites in the UK that Eliza met Paul but only after a couple of chats before they met in person. Paul was still waiting for his application for divorce to be granted when he started to date Eliza. When Paul’s previous marriage was officially put to an end, the couple decided to tie the knot in the same year. According to them, they were no longer in their 20s to do a love chaste.

Eliza asked her children’s blessings before she said yes to her now husband, Paul. Paul has also a son from her previous marriage but the couple said that the children have never been an issue. Eliza has a very good relationship with Paul’s son. She describes him as sweet and caring like his dad while Paul loves her kids. They got on well so easily when they met them during their first visit to the Philippines last year as husband and wife. Getting heart-broken is not an uncommon experience for the two however they learned so much from their failed relationships and those lessons are what bind them now.

Online dating might have changed the landscape of mating and dating. Some still have negative views on this unconventional way of finding possible lifetime partners but for Paul and Eliza, they just took the risk because they believe in Love.

By Joy Mesina

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