Nathalie Hart, ie-enjoy na lang ‘pag na-rape

Nathalie-HartPRINCESS SNELL, now known as Nathalie Hart, caught the collective ire of the people in social media dahil sa kanyang very controversial post which said, “if rape is inevitable, lay back and enjoy it”.

Isa na roon si Mo Twister who tweeted, “Okay doll, looks like I have to unfollow you now. @imnathaliehart.”

Natalie took a stand on rape and her stance merited violent reaction from Mo’s followers.

“i think an apology is required for this. Rape as a subject especially for a joke should never be used…publicly,” said one guy.

“I see people that defending the sick dumb bitch.. Probably her friends who has the same brain IQ or relatives or “her self” made a new account out of embarrassment! Too late its all over the fb now just wait til she make a headline.. funny how dumb people post stupid things they cant back up but cowardly deleted it! Who’s the smart ass now?” say naman ng isa.

One defended Natalie from Mo and said, “She didn’t mean it guys. Stop saying nasty things about her. It was a bad joke and mo twister your disgusting for even promoting this. You dirty piece of shit!”

“Dj mo dami mo Alam nu Nakakatawa ka Tama naman siya eh magisip ka Kala mo napaka linis mo Eh Napaka disgusting mo naman ka! You dirty guy Think first bago ka magpost tingyan mo ung tao napaka dami nag bash dahil sayo Papansin ka naman? Di ka pa ba nagsasawa sa bad issue mo about kay @julesestrada Gusto mo talaga siguro mamatay Bored na bored ka sa buhay,” say ng isa pa.

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas

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