Isa pang US promoter ng concert nina James Reid at Nadine Lustre, nagsalita na rin


KAUGNAY ng inilabas na pahayag ng Viva Live na naninindigang wala silang kasunduan kay Elaine Crisostomo ng Entablado Production USA LLC, inilabas din nito ang official statement ng US show promoter na GF Bayona Productions Inc. na siyang nakipagkasundo sa grupo ni Elaine para sa JaDine US tour.

James Reid & Nadine Lustre

Narito ang official statement ng GF Bayona Productions Inc. kaugnay ng mga alegasyon ni Elaine laban kina James Reid at Nadine Lustre at sa Viva Live:

“The management of GF Bayona Productions, Inc. (GFB) deeply regret the events that happened on March 31, 2017, at the Jadine 2017 US Tour at the Chabot College in Hayward, California.

“Entablado Production USA, LLC are the producers of record of that specific event with the cooperation of GF Bayona Productions under contract with NY Entourage Productions (NYE).

“In layman’s terms GFB and NYE brought in the talents and sold the event to Entablado Productions USA, LLC.

“Like all such events, and in addition to the proper performance, the event package also expects to have a coordinated Photo Opportunity session normally held following the completion of the performance as part of the event.

“No other ancillary activities, personal appearance or other appearances whatsoever are inclusive or implied as included without the proper expressed permission and approval of and from the originating talent agency of the artists.

“The paid luncheon with select Jadine fans organized by Entablado was not an approved activity and was not coordinated properly.

“GFB and NYE had no foreknowledge of this paid luncheon until the night before the show and just a few hours before the event. GFB and NYE tried to accommodate but was unable to obtain proper approval.

“Ms. Elaine Crisostomo, owner of Entablado, published on social media pages a purported timeline showing the 11 am brunch with fans at the hotel 15 pax.

“This activity is clearly outside of the included and agreed upon activity and this timeline was not communicated to either GFB or NYE and we have a version of the timeline emailed to us and attached to emails that does not include this line item and further supportive of events we were working with on the day of the event.

“To clarify further, neither GFB or NYE sanctioned charging for a ‘brunch’ and hence did not take any fee, money or any form of renumeration whatsoever from Entablado regarding this activity.

“There is one and only fee that we collect from our producers, and that is the ‘Talent Fee’ nothing more and nothing less.

“It must also be pointed out that Entablado Productions USA, LLC was unable to come up with the full payment for the Talent Fee at the time of the event and even as of this writing, GFB and NYE accommodated the continuance of the performance on March 31 by agreeing to take a promissory note issued by Ms. Elaine Zandra Estrada Crisostomo and Fernandico M. Delinila aka Jayster/Jay of Entablado witness by another person promising to pay the balance of the Talent Fee at a future date.

“Furthermore, we have learned that Entablado sold backstage passes to their clientele at premium prices.

“This is something that is strictly not allowed by most originating talent agencies for obvious reasons.

“We are saddened by recent statements and false claims made by Ms. Crisostomo on social media regarding the unfortunate event.

“We view these statements as false, unprofessional and unworthy of attention from serious objective observers.

“We are further perplexed by the fact that immediately following the event, Miss Crisostomo filed this ‘Facebook Live’ video praising and thanking the talents for being very’ accommodating,’ thanking GFB and NYE as well as the originating talent agency Viva Live Entertainment for the opportunity.

“With these very positive praises we are, therefore, in awe as to the sudden change of Ms. Crisostomo’s postings.

“We can only surmise that the pressure from unhappy clientele for not getting what was sold to them by Entablado (brunch with Jadine, etc.) is one of the main reasons for these diametrically-opposed postings.

“In the end, however, all responsibilities clearly fall on Entablado Production USA, LLC and their organization.

“We thank NYE for the many years of partnership with GF Bayona Productions, Inc.

“We also thank both James Reid and Nadine Lustre for their professionalism and great performances and accommodations above and beyond what was expected of them.

“This is the second year we brought them on such multi-city tour and have had no issue whatsoever with them.

“For that matter, we have never had any issue with any other cities where the Jadine team performed except with Hayward and New York, both of which are run by Entablado Productions USA, LCC.

“We also thank Viva Live Entertainment for the many years of opportunity to work with their talents and look forward to continue to work on other projects in the future.”

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