Interview with Giampaolo Lomi (Part 1)

1 Maestro-Orobia-Giampaolo-Lomi 2 Giampaolo-Lomi-Imelda-Marcos 2 Maestro-Orobia-Giampaolo-Lomi 3 Giampaolo-Lomi-Imelda-Marcos 4 Giampaolo-LomiSI GIAMPAOLO Lomi ay isang pamusong Italyanong bihasa at kilalang direktor na kamakailan ay muling bumisita sa ating bansa upang dalawin ang kanyang kaibigan na si former First Lady Imelda Marcos. Nagkita kami sa Shangri-La Makati at nagkumustahan, nagkuwentuhan kung saan siya natuloy at kumusta ang pananaw niya sa mga Pilipino. Dahil siya ay isang Italyano, naitanong ko rin kung ano ang paningin tungkol kay Pope Francis dahil nataong nadalaw sa ating bansa.


How do you find the new Pope? Pope Francis?

“The new Pope, ah… hahahaha! I don’t know, it’s difficult to say. At the moment that he became Pope, everything was fantastic. But, we must understand that he’s different and he’s the one the world need. The church is more than 2000 years, to send that way of expression you know; the rights, the theology, the distance of the pope from other human beings.”

“In Vatican, they have their own state, they have their own trial, unless they have been invited somebody for a crime. Meaning, they have their autonomy. Ah, they have their own government. Pope is the King.”

The pope is also considered the king of Rome before?

“Yeah, before. Up to Pious IX, until 1870 I think, when Italy became a kingdom and there’s the Royal Family. But, before they were fighting with the armies of the church.”


Biography (taken from web sources)


Giampaolo Lomi was born in February 4, 1930 in Livorno, Italy.

Lomi 1956 took an Amazon expedition as a camera technician in part, remained in Brazil and turned there some documentaries. At the theater, he assisted Adolfo Celi, organized European productions in South America and directed several short films for local television stations. He worked in the 1960s and early 1970s, together with two Mondo films with Gualtiero Jacopetti and watched a movie with John Frankenheimer and turned to Edward G. Muller as a co-director Giallo in 1972. After a comedy, I baroni (1975) followed his last turned to the cinema film documentaries Il silenzio del vescovo over the controversial Bishop Marcel Lefebvre.

Lomi founded and led for many years in the Philippines, the International Film Festival Manila and worked from 1985 to 2004, numerous scripts and screenplays.

1956 began his career as an assistant cameraman in Brazil during the expedition of Captain Willy Aureli in the Amazon.

From 1956 to 2004 his recent gig, he directed numerous short and full length films and documentaries which comprised his gargantuan contributions in the film industry.

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