Xian Lim, ikinumpara kay Marian Rivera

Xian-LimTALAGANG LAUGH out loud kami nang mabasa namin ang comments ni @dudeinterrupted sa Twitter about the Xian Lim brouhaha. What made us laugh more is when he compared Xian to our favorite aktres-aktresan, si Marian Something.

“Is @XianLimm the new Marianita Rivera? Pretty on the outside, bitch on inside! **hyena laugh**,” said he.

He didn’t stop there as he said, “What else is new with this @XianLimm? He can throw the biggest attitude when feels like it! Atta girl! Haugh haugh!!”

“Remember dahls, there is no substitute for good manners and right conduct. Because rich ka nga, bastos ka naman? No no,” he said, obviously referring to Xian.

Capping his bitchy one-liners, he said, “My advice to showbiz workers? Careful on this @XianLimm – don’t underestimate his ability to go from perfect lady to full bitch mode!”

That’s hilarity overload!!!

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas

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