Vilma Santos, walang ipinakitang bago sa indie film!

KRIS BERNAL was rattled when she learned na nawawala ang kanyang alagang aso, isang Pomeranian na regalo ng rumored boyfriend niyang si Carl Guevarra.

“A heartbreaking story My dog “ZUBU”, a one year old MALE POMERANIAN, is missing. He is Carl’s gift to me,” sabi ni Kris sa kanyang Instagram account.

Then, ikinuwento niya kung paano ito nawala.

“When me & my family went to Europe, we were looking for somebody to look after ZUBU. Bernard Piamonte known by many as KABOG, Carl’s personal assistant, willingly volunteered to look after ZUBU. Since nasa Europe ako, kinukumusta-kumusta ni Carl, sabi ni Kabog well-loved daw si Zubu sa kanila!,” sabi niya.

Days have passed pero hindi pa rin maisoli sa kanya si Zubu.

“When i came back from my Eurotrip, we asked KABOG to return ZUBU but his alibi was to give him some time cos he became fond of him. So sige pagbigyan but after several times of asking him to give Zubu back, he was avoiding us!!! We got so fed up that we really pressed him; he just told us ZUBU got lost around their area in PATATAN ALABANG!!! My family are so devastated & in grief,” chika pa ni Kris.

“I can’t stop thinking how my ZUBU is doing! I will share ZUBU’s photos on my next post, pls HELP & REPOST! there will be a P15,000 reward if found.. contact 09178564492 or 09178528432 #ZUBU #lostdog #alabang #krisbernal #missingdog.”

MAGSISIMULA NA sa June 16 ang pamalit sa natsuging Party Pilipinas, ang Sunday All Stars but this early ay meron nang violent reactions ang ilang viewers. Among them is Milamic Lataula who nailed it with his very TRUE observations.

“GMA-7 taking the context of ALLSTARS in their newest Sunday show, Sunday ALLSTARS. Thought to ponder: How can they able to create an ALLSTAR show when in fact they are lacking of such?” sabi niya. “For the record: ALL-STAR means High Profiled individual. HIGH-PROFILE means having been able to reach certain success. SUCCESS means being able to record whooping achievements. ACHIEVEMENT means awards and recognition both locally and abroad given to their areas of expertise; these are also attributed to their record of top-selling and high-rating shows, programs, concerts, albums, movies and events. These what makes them popular. POPULAR means being able to penetrate a mass audience or viewers which is supporting you in all your endeavors such as T.V programs, movies, albums, concerts and events among others.”

Having said that, “Again, I will ask you, is it rightfully correct to use ALLSTAR for a show which doesn’t have Stars in the first Place?”

Oo nga naman.

“Not to mention it is obviously copied from ASAP (ALLSTAR SUNDAY AFTERNOON PARTY), which has been true to its words for 18 years now!,” he said.

He added, “Again, not to mention that ASAP is a Noontime Variety Entertainment Show that is far different from SAS which is formatted as Noontime Variety Charity/Game show.”

“FACTS WON’T LIE. FIGURES WON’T DENY,” he stressed. “Keep your mind abreast with the real context, content and circumstance!! Keep yourselves intact with…”

Amen to that!

SAW THE trailer of the Vilma Santos indie film Ekstra and we’re not impressed by it.

To begin with, walang ipinakitang bago si Ate Vi. Her acting is hindi naman pala pam-festival. Actually, ang feeling namin ay walang ka-challenge-challenge ang role niya bilang ekstra. It’s something that she can’t flex her acting muscle to the hilt because it is very limited.

Seeing the trailer alone makes us wonder kung bakit tinanggap ni Ate Vi ang ganitong klaseng movie. Hindi naman acting piece ang kanyang role rito.

Now we know why the Cannes Film Festival organizers snubbed the movie. Wala itong quality ng isang obrang maipagmamalaki sa ibang bansa.

This is not what we were expecting from Ate Vi. She could have chosen a better material since it’s her first indie.

Naku, baka mag-react na naman ang mga Vilmanians diyan sa tabi-tabi. But we don’t care. We’re not born to praise Vilma, anyway. While it’s true na she’s made a couple of quality films, this one’s really DISGUSTING!

By Alex Brosas

LEx Chikka

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