Strict pero rock!

1 Albert Mallari 2 Albert Mallari 3 Albert MallariPHOTOBOOTH BUSINESS is booming here in Manila and who would have thought that a mini reunion with high school friends would give an OFW, Albert Mallari, an idea to bring it to London. The business started small, just with his pre-owned camera and computer but Albert knows he needs to innovate and improve in order to attract more clients. He invested on software, transforming a manual style photobooth to a tripod style with upgraded green screen technology and touch screen interface with voice command, sounds fancy. He believes in “capturing moments na hindi na mababalikan…” he is now in the process of taking the business to a next level by creating an additional package named “Instaprint”, an instagram-based photobooth. With a nursing job and this photobooth business, Albert still believes that he is and will always be a “full-time father”.

Albert first came to London ten years ago, June of 2004, along with his one and a half year old daughter to reunite with his wife and practise his profession. He is now a father of two girls, twelve and five year old, raising them with Filipino culture and values. He taught them to use “po” and “opo, respecting elders and how to live a practical lifestyle by knowing what’s “mahal” and mura” at a very young age. He considered having a God-fearing children as his greatest achievement as a father, he bonds with his children by going to movies, eat out, cuddling before going to bed and travelling but praying together is the best bonding for him.

Just like other dads, Michael wants the best for her daughters; he wants to give them what he wasn’t able to get when he was still young. He describes himself as “Strict, pero rock!” and even added, “Hindi pwede kung hindi pwede” but also admits that he has a soft spot for his children. When asked who is his role model for fathering, he answered “Syempre ang tatay ko!!!”, saying that his father is watching over him and guiding him from heaven.

And finally, here’s his advice to soon-to-be fathers out there: “Enjoy the moment while the kids are still young, just try to be always present when you are needed, be firm on your decisions and always explain things your child the consequences of wrong doings. Always appreciate their achievements no matter how big or small, praise their efforts.”

By Justine Imbag

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