Sa pagpili kay Lee Grane over Dan Billano
Bamboo, katakut-takot na panlalait ang inabot

PURO LAIT ang inabot ni Bamboo when he chose Lee Grane over Dan Billano sa battle ground ng The Voice of the Philippines.

Dahil sa batikos, nag-explain si Bamboo sa kanyang naging desisyon.

“I’ve been reading the comments from last nights battle, Lee vs Dan …1st thing no favoritism… I don’t play that… I go for who I think I can help.. who I can develop… who I think has something to say,” sabi niya.

“I know the weight of my responsibility… I take what I do very seriously… so to make decisions on one performance…. on a “battle”… I think my guys deserve better than that… I believe in Dan… if I remember correctly I was the only one who turned … I heard something special in Dan… and last nights performance… he proved me right… he shined… I was so happy for him… and hated …HATED to make that decision,” dagdag pa niya.

“But Lee has a story to tell… I just feel that I have to give her that chance… she has an artist’s soul… she was lost and all she needed was to find a bit of light… I know lee …her strengths and weaknesses… I pushed Lee… put her in a situation where I knew was difficult… but I’m always a believer of adversity… to be tested… GROWTH over prize… and in defeats we grow stronger…Lee lost that “battle” but she deserves to move on… be heard… i could have easily changed the key for Lee to make it easier on her but I didn’t… I wanted to hear Lee… this battle wasn’t about Lee vs Dan… it was Lee vs Lee… Dan Vs Dan,” dagdag pa niyang paliwanag.

“Sinabi ko lang po na nakapagdesisyon na pala siya na si Lee ang pipiliin nya hindi pa man nagsisimula yung “battle”. Manalo matalo pala si Dan sa battle, si Lee ang mapipili. Walang sense lang yung battle battle na yun. Hahahaha,” commented one guy sa explanation ni Bamboo.

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas

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