Lea Salonga, mas hirap mag-coach sa adults kaysa kids sa The Voice PH

Lea-SalongaPARA KAY Lea Salonga ay mas madaling i-coach ang kids kaysa adults.

“With this kids, they know what they are doing and the adjustments that I have to make are slim to none, very, very slight. But there are adjustments that I have to make like ‘cut the adlib here go to the next verse’, the most slight adjustments. Kids are easy to mold and are easy to teach because they are so open so doing the Voice Kids, it was a pleasure for us,” chika ni Lea sa semi-finals ng The Voice Kids Season 2 na this Saturday na.

Say pa ni Lea, mas mahirap i-coach ang adults because they have “their emotional baggage, pre-conceived notions and stubborn habits.”

“Trying to undo all of that is very, very difficult,” dagdag pa niya.

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas

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