Kris Aquino, marami raw ang mawawalan ng kita ‘pag ‘di siya nagtrabaho

Kris-AquinoHENRY SY never declared himself as rich. So is John Gokongwei. Lucio Tan never muttered it. Enrique Razon and Andrew Tan never said it. Who did? Kris Aquino, that’s who.

The top five billionaires in the country did not say na they’re rich. Si Kris Aquino lang. Apparently peeved over a basher’s remark that she only works hard for her money kesehodang nagkakasakit na siya, Kris declared, “I am rich.”

Clearly, Kris’s pagiging mayabang reared its ugly head. AGAIN!!!

“If I didn’t show up for work, did you think how many people in the production & the crew wouldn’t get paid? If I packed up my taping for Kris TV or my movie, how many of the staff and crew who get paid daily won’t have their salary?” dagdag pa ni Kris.

Wow! So, hero pala siya dapat!!!

Obviously, humility is not a virtue for Kris. Wala siya noon. All that she has become is a woman who flaunts her riches on her TV show. Why do you have to ram on your basher’s throat na rich ka when you’re not even in the league of Henry Sy who is the richest guy in this country?

It’s more obvious that Kris did not inherit from her low-profile mom, former president Cory C. Aquino, the value of humility.

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas

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