Hindi na kasi interesting
Christian Bautista, palaos na!

UMURONG ANG tapang nitong si Christian Bautista.

Dati-rati kasi ay panay ang palabas ng kampo niya na kesyo hindi na niya feel na magtrabaho sa ABS-CBN, kesyo napababayaan na raw siya, kesyo wala siyang magandang exposure sa Sunday show.

It was as if Christian is still a big star who commands huge following. As if he’s bigger than most singers today when in reality he’s no longer super sikat.

But now, Christian seems to be singing a different tune. Biglang-bigla ang kanyang pagkambiyo, from a dissatisfied singer to a seemingly contented crooner.

Kasi nga, binigyan siya ng TV special ng Dos. What he probably didn’t know is that this could just be a consuelo de bobo for his staying with the network for ten years now.

He’s also given a part sa hindi nagre-rate na soap opera but his role is so minor that people can easily forget what he was playing.

Any which way we look at him ay palaos na itong si Christian. Nothing is interesting in him. He tried to be quite different in his latest album pero hindi nag-click. There’s nothing more he can explore. He’s reached his peak as a performer.

IMBIYERNA PALA si Anne Curtis sa mga nagmimina sa bansa. Fact is, she  makes  a stand against mining in the country.

Nangyari ito matapos niyang mapanood ang isang mining video.

“Was able to stumble upon a video of the mining that IS currently going on the lovely islands of the Philippines. Isn’t it supposed to be MORE fun in the Philippines? How can it be more fun if we allow the beauty of our country to be taken away from us?” say ni Anne sa Twitter. 

This was followed by a series of tweets which encourage people na labanan ang pagmimina sa bansa.

“Use your voice. Join me and make a stand for our beautiful islands and beautiful people, the farmers & fishermen & their families. Let’s protect the place we call HOME. Visit the website http://no2mininginpalawan.com SIGN UP!!!”

“Thats where I stand. Just don’t mine in places like Palawan or parts of the Philippines that are too beautiful to be destroyed. Such a waste.” 

“YOU! My 3M+fellow dreamers, WE can make a difference. Use our voices. Ang dami natin! Let’s dream BIG together that WE can STOP the mining!”

“I get that it can help our country somehow financially blah blah blah but if it is supervised mining why choose areas where it would ruin—the beauty of our country.Greenland, forests, rivers, coral reefs, livelihood of fisherman are being destroyed. Cant they choose elsewhere?”  

BLIND ITEM: It was really surprising to hear that this female singer is super insecure with her close friend, a popular female TV host.

She reportedly told a gay friend that she’s amused as to how the TV host is able to sustain her popularity even if she always get involves in controversies.

Bakit daw tila malakas pa rin ang hatak ng taklesang TV host sa masa at hindi naapektuhan ng mga negatibong balita tungkol sa kanya.

Bakit daw siya ay parang walang interest ang publiko sa kanya.

Nakakatawa ang female singer, parang batang nagsusumbong sa kanyang beking friend na hindi taga-showbiz.

What she conveniently forgot is that her tactless TV host friend will never cease to be interesting because she comes from a very prominent family. Tanggap ng publiko ang ka-taklesahan niya. She is both loved and hated for her shenanigans, something which makes her all the more interesting.
Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas

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