Gutom at Kahirapan: MMK letter sender na si Hershey Hilado, binago ang buhay!

Hershey Hilado and Ria Atayde

PINAG-USAPAN ang MMK episode ni Ria Atayde kanina. Bale kung tama ang bilang namin ay pangalawa ito na role  ginampanan niya sa long-running anthology show na hino-host ni Charo Santos.

‘Yung una, si Joseph Marco ang bida. But kanina, si Ria ang pangunahing karakter na gumanap sa kuwento ng letter sender.
Marami ang nagtatanong kung ano ba ang halaga sa likod ng karakter na ginampanan ni Ria kanina na tila isang malaking istorya ang life-story ng isang Pinay born now based in Australia named Hershey Hilado?
Sino ba si Hershey?
Based sa Facebook Messenger chat namin sa letter sender ay naipakilala niya ang sarili sa amin kung sino siya at kung ano ang pinagmulan niya.
Hershey Hilado with actress Maritess Samson

Pagkakasulat niya: “If I am to summarize my whole being I’d say I’m a purpose driven individual. I’m very conscious with my way of living in so many aspects and levels. I’m all about progress, growth and really becoming the best version of me. “

Ang dating buhay niya na ipinanghihingi pa ang kakainin ay isang inspiring story para sa lahat na ang kahirapan at pangaabuso ay hindi hadlang sa inaasam na pag-ahon at tagumpay ng isang tao.
Pahayag ni Hershey: “We live in a world of so many dreamers but not enough doers and what I wanted people to actually take away from my life’s story is to have the courage to fight for the life they wish to live. So many Filipinos kasi blame their current situation on other people, their circumstances and even to the government which they do have a valid points but some uses it as an excuse when really we are all self-made. So this story is really about educating my kababayans that there is always another way out of poverty and adversities in life. No one will come and save them but themselves,” paliwanag niya.
Pagpapatuloy ng pagpapakilala niya: ”What made me different I guess is that I created myself out of the bricks thrown at me by the very people that ridiculed and abused me growing up. My adversities basically are my greatest strength not just as a person but as an Entrepreneur as well. In business the strong eats the weak, and for me having the experience to overcome adversities that most people don’t even experience in half of their entire life really gave me the fearlessness to do what’s needed to get me from A to B. I always look at myself as the greatest invested above any other business I built or been involved with, I honestly invested millions in my personal & business development and I never settled for anything less. What makes me interesting as a person is I am always up for anything NEW! I give a lot, i do a lot and I am selfless.”
Pagkukuwento pa niya: “Aside from the story before I became an Entrepreneur, people will really see the journey and the struggles in building a million dollar business. It’s not a walk in the park and it will teach people about how our past doesn’t define who we are or who we become. The past is just a pre-requisite for greater and bigger things only if we look at it as a valuable lesson not a life sentence!”
Hersey with Ria, Jordan Hwang (in white T-Shirt who played the role of the rapist) and his brother Malick James Hilado (in polo shirt) 2nd pic

Hershey owns a clothing company named “OHMAGOSH” na ibinebenta sa halos 16 countries worldwide. “ I’m also an investor, and a business and life coach mentoring over 15+ CEO’s and Founders around the globe.

Dati, ang negosyo ni Hersey ay based sa Sydney, Australia. Dahil sa kagustuhan na makatulong sa kanyang mga kababayan: “I just recently move my manufacturing here in Lipa (Batangas) and built my own factory kasi I use to manufacture from China. One of the big reasons is I wanted to create more jobs here in Philippines.”
Kumpara sa dating buhay niya noon at ngayon ay ibang-iba at hindi mo iisipin na makaka-survive siya kumpara sa buhay na naranasaan niya, malaking-malaki ang ipinag-iba.
“I experienced days na walang makain that’s why i got into stealing food and other stuff. Life was an absolutely struggle not just financially but it was also a struggle emotionally and physically at home.”
Dahil sa kanyang karanasan mula noong pagkabata na humubog sa kanya para maging sino man siya ngayon ay sinuklian niya sa pagsuporta sa iba’ibang mga charity works.
“I use to run a class in Australia for organization called The Freedom Hub where I support and teach women that came from sex trafficking and sex slavery regain their confidence and become job ready. And one thing that stood out for me is when Women especially that came on similar backgrounds needs to do is to NOT allow the past to dictate their life. No matter how painful and traumatizing it was we need to learn how to build a bridge not a wall. And for the general public this applies to men and women, I encourage you guys to stand up and defend the weak when you see them suffering.
“Most often and this happened to me as well is yung excuse ng tao and kapitbahay hindi daw nila problema ang problema ng ibang pamilya and that’s really an ignorant way of thinking.
“There is no humanity in that, we don’t live for ourselves we live for each other so kung may nakikita kayong mali sa community don’t just watch and pretend that it doesn’t exist. Tumulong kayo. Kapwa nyo yan eh, regardless kung kamag anak mo man sila or hindi.
In the Philippines, she works with the SOS Children’s Village. “My brother and I support them by bringing dental missions sa village or whatever they may need,”pagtatapos ni Hersey sa interview namin. 
Hari nawaý ang kuwento niya ay maging inspirasyon sa lahat na ang kahirapan at hindi magandang karansan ay hindi hadlang para hindi natin mabago ang buhay natin for the better.

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By RK Villacorta

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