Giyera na naman ang Barretto sisters
Gretchen Barretto at Marjorie Barretto, pinagtutulungan si Claudine Barretto?!

MAY WAR of the roses ba muli ang Barretto sisters?

Nagbatuhan daw kasi ng maaanghang na salita sina Gretchen at Marjorie Barretto laban sa younger sister nilang si Claudine.

Pinagpiyestahan sa Twitter ang recent away ng famous Barretto sisters.

Although the messages were already deleted ay nakuha ng dalawang websites na i-publish ang palitan ng salita ng magkakapatid.

Tweet ni Gretchen, “@b*tchjuliaisb*tch Yuck? You know what yuck is? Your husband walked out coz of you violent ways. What exactly did you do to his Porsche? His laptop? Etc. oh pls reflect and go to your happy place..Medical City.

“@ella*** that basher warned us that if Julia enters star magic she will do everything to ruin Julia because she claims she is the teleserye princess & will remain that way till the end of eternity.”

Marjorie, in a tweet message to a certain @joyortega said, “Exactly Joy, her demons are coming out again….This time for all the world to see. @b*tchjuliaisb*tch.”

Marj and Gretch believe that this certain @b*tchjuliaisb*tch is their sister Claudine.

La Greta dropped hints that they knew all along who was bashing them.

“@marjb and don’t we all know who the demon is I pray she finds her happy place. I feel sosorry for her for she is all alone because of her evil ways,” she said.

Isang “ang aarte” naman ang naging sagot ni b*tchjuliaisb*tch rito.

Gretchen, out of exasperation dahil sa bashing sa kanyang pamangkin, tweeted, “@b*tchjuliaisb*tch awwww you find it arte coz you are not a part of our affairs simply because of your evil ways. (you can never be happy for anyone of us) how can you desperately try to ruin your own blood…Sorry but there is no stopping Julia for shining bright like a diamond.”

Are Gretchen and Marjorie quarelling with Claudine? Si Claudine ba ang sinasabing  may-ari ng b*tchjuliaisb*tch account?

We think that it’s best for the three of them to answer this controversial issue to clear their names.

SI KC Concepcion pa rin ang type ligawan ni Apl de Ap.

“You know, I would like to hang out with her if she’s available and free,” sabi niya sa presscon ng The Voice of the Philippines where he is one of the coaches, the other three being Lea Salonga, Bamboo and Sarah Geronimo.

Sa kakukulit ng press ay inamin ni Apl de Ap na nabigyan na niya ng regalo si KC.

“I’ve sent her flowers before and gave her a bracelet last Christmas,” sabi ng international singer na member ng Black Eyed Peas.

“Just like I said, friendship is a good foundation,” was his reply when somebody asked him kung ready na bang pumasok sa relationship si KC after mauwi sa wala ang panliligaw ng French suitor nito.

When asked kung niligawan niya si KC, his replay was “We had a dinner with friends and stuff. Yuou know, she’s busy and I got busy. I went on tour and she got busy. I’m focused on the tour. At least I got to know her a bit and we’re still friends.”

“I’d like to hang out with her but I heard she’s got a boyfriend,” dagdag pa niya, not knowing na nagpasya si KC na itigil na ang pakikipagkita sa kanyang French suitor.

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas

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